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red iguana
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    I am unfortunately having to put my red iguana up for sale, she is 4 yrs old, she is friendly but can be a bit moody if not let out of her enclosure often, she is eating well and loves going for a ride arond the house on your shoulder. The price is for the iggy only if the setup is wanted as...
  2. Introductions
    Hello community, This is not only my first iguana pet but also my first forum experience so I'm very excited. My sweetness is a female red iguana, she is almost a year old (or already is, previous owner didn't know for sure). She is a curious, energetic, territorial little thing with a hearty...
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    Red iguana pair 8 years old.
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    Note: ONLY EXPERIENCED OWNERS PLEASE Hi everyone, I hate that I have to rehome my Red iggy but needing to be abroad a lot now Its not fair on her to not have all the attention she deserves. A friend of mine who lives in france was going to have her off me but it was costing too much to get her...
  5. Lizards
    Hello I recently picked up my first iguana (red iguana that is) about 3 days ago. He's still really small about 12" head to tail. Recently I noticed he's been sleeping a lot.... everytime I go into his room he's in he has his eyes closed or seems to be sleeping. I have him in a 30g, 5.0 uvb...
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    I love iguanas, and i want to start getting different types of morphs of them, atm i only have a green iguana but i want to eventually get a lot more. I have cash ready What i will be buying atm - Red iguana Rhino iguana blue iguana and if you have any male panther chameleons for sale, im...
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a baby green or a red iguana please for around £40/50. Willing to pick up from a reasonable distance. Many thanks
  8. Lizards
    Interesting markings on the baby red iguana i just bought anyone seen 'em with spots before?
  9. Lizards
    Baby iguana help Hello all, I have recently just got myself a baby red iguana (around 6 months old). He has been home around a week now and over the last day or 2 I have been trying to spend a little more time around his tank rather than the quick food and water change. He will eat from my...
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    Here is a picture of my baby green and red iguana, just wanted to share :)
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    i have for sale a 3yrs old red iguana, he is not tame but is use to people as i allow him to free roam,no setup is avalible
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    Hi, I have a red iguana who is now about 2 years old and ever since being a baby he has had a bit of a wonky mouth. i started to notice that due to his mouth being like this a bit of the inside of his mouth protruded out but recently that protrusion has got worse and its like a small ball...
  13. Lizard Pictures
    After a lot of patience and hard work I have been able to let yoshi have more freedom to roam and training & handling is going great :) just thort I'd share some photo's of todays handling :) love yoshi so much! Its facinating watching them wonder about and listening to you :) Pic 1: Pic 2...
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    I'm having to sell my red iguana due to me moving out and not being able to house her in a large tank anymore, shes semi tame shes a little skittish when you go to pick her up but once she's in your hand she will gladly fall asleep with you when you stroke her on the head or neck so she just...
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    Just testing the water to see if theres any interest in my red iggy, skittish and tail whips in his viv but once out will eat from your hand and loves having the back of his head scratched, this is for just the ig on his own, would consider a swap for a pygmy cham or two...
  16. Lizard Pictures
    Just afew photo's of yoshi my red iguana :) yoshi posing :) seems to be slowly getting used to being handled. Me talking to yoshi and watching yoshi listening :)
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    Pair of red iguanas for sale, Male is 3 and female is 4 Both healthy, eat, shed and poo fine, Female had a cist earlier this year, which was operated on and has been removed successfully, no further cists have occured. Males was previously abused, but is now soppy and very loving but he does...
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    Due to me moving home i'm having to sell my red Iguana shes only about 4-5 months old I have handled her she doesnt bite but does whip every now and again and is a little skittish but once out shes a dream you can let go and she will just sit on you and fall asleep on you so she is almost tame
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    Okay the newest iguana has without a doubt today suprised me! He was bathed this morning, and it has taken me and a friend nearly 2 hours to fully get rid of these retained spikes, some of them were so tight we had to use a knife to cut into them to even get a starting point they were so tight I...
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    Just thought I'd share a few pics ov Douglas he/she is a cb12 red iguana and is about 8 weeks old and a little cuttie.He/she has been with me just over a week,and has settled in great eating and poohing from day 1,and is partial to stawberys.
1-20 of 46 Results