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  1. Snakes
    Hi all, I am going to get a pair of red tails (genuine BCCs). mainly just to have as pets but want the option to breed them maybe once or twice. how important is it that they are both from the same locality, if i do decide i want to breed. How well do the babies of different localities come out...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    I have for sale this lovely female cb17 Lemke x North Brazilian she does all she should, handles really well has never bit or struck well started and have not had any problems with her regarding regurgitation. she is from Robbin Robinson of natures perfection.
  3. Snakes
    Hi can anyone tell me what kind of redtail boa this is:
  4. Snake Classifieds
    Available soon. CB 2018. Suriname and Peruvian. Please PM me if you are interested. Born in August so ready in a month or so. Some photos in my album. Collection preferred, delivery maybe possible and charged at cost 20ppm.
  5. Snakes
    My female adult red tail boa has been out and about in her enclosure lately. She used to spend most of the time in her hide (I've had her about 9 months now), but lately she seems to be hanging out outside of it for several hours each day - sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. She hangs...
  6. Snakes
    Hey all, As I mentioned in another thread, I've recently lost my corn of 20 years and wasn't too sure whether or not I'd keep a snake again as I was pretty heartbroken when he died. But I'm really missing looking after him, and I just think that having a pet snake is part of who I am now...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    Looking for an Adult Male Boa Constrictor. Age from 5 years old. Any type of species interested, doesn't matter which color. Important, we could available to meet in Central London. My budget £100-200, depend from the type.
  8. Snakes
    Just wanted to see if anyone had heard or or knew of any CB 2017 hatchling Red tail Boas that are up for sale. Have checked out several sites and havnt found any, a few already adult rescues but no early hatchlings. Anyone know any leads? Many thanks in advance to anyone on the thread :2thumb:
  9. Snakes
    Hi, Recently, I've been considering getting a Red Tail Boa. I would love to get a locality specimen but, of course, that's not the easiest thing to do as there's not always provenance of the snake's true origin. Does anyone know of any breeders in the UK who specialise in localities and...
  10. Habitat
    Hello All, Long time member of the forum, but first post on here as two weeks ago today I finally bought myself a CB 2014 Female Guyanan True Red Tailed Boa, BCC. I have her in a 3' x 2' x 2' wooden viv with a caged ceramic bulb at one end, large water bowl roughly in the middle, two hides...
  11. Snakes
    So I'm looking into getting a Red Tail Boa soon, preferably a male. Can I see your adult males please? Also what are your experiences with them? Temperament? Feeding? How big has yours got? Also, would 6 x 2 x 2 be big enough? Only because someone close to me is selling one so it'd be a step...
  12. Snakes
    I picked this guy up yesterday at a reptile show in Houston Texas. I mostly keep Ball Pythons but I couldn't pass this guy up. I have been wanting to get a new Boa for a while now and he was only $300.00 usd. What do you think about him?
  13. Snakes
    hey I could really use some opinions/advice. I recently rescued a 6ft female red tail boa, Princess, from a bad situation, she was in a cage with only a small waterbowl a dirty bath towel and her own feces. she has a great new home with snake safe wood substrate, im switching to cypress mulch...
  14. Snakes
    Hi all back after a few yrs absence , just took possession of 12wk old red tail boa , very tame and handles well I have it in a glass viv 50x30x30cm with a glass top. I'm using a heat mat but would like to replace it with ceramic heater.could use any ideas on what size and how to use with glass...
  15. Newbie Advice
    So i got my first red tail boa the other day. She's maybe a little bit over a year old. Shes been burrowing herself completely underneath the substrate and doesnt seem to come out. My setup for now until she gets bigger is the zilla critter cage 40g you can get at petco. Two bags of the forest...
  16. Snakes
    yesterday and today i found several times my little red tail boa girl on the glass door trying to get out i think or just looking at her reflection because when i opened the sliding door she moved with her reflection but is it normal that she goes out in the day and night and sticks to the...
  17. Snake Classifieds
    I'm on the lookout for a male red tail Boa (B.c.c) to pair up with my recently purchased female. Anybody have one available? I can collect within a reasonable distance.
  18. Snake Classifieds
    2011 female Guyana red tailed boa for sale, £150. 5ft viv exotic and set up can be taken if wanted at no extra cost including habistat dimming thermostat, lamp and substrate.
  19. Snakes
    Do these look like red tails to any1 coz I don't they are advertised as red tails cheers h ttp://
  20. Snakes
    I have had my 3 month old red tail for about 3 days now. I've been experimenting with the temperature. Is 96 too high for directly under the lamp?
1-20 of 82 Results