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red tail boas
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    First up is a CB09 Male Suriname Red tail Boa (Bcc) Feeding really well on defrost and excellent to handle. £225.00 Next up is a Gorgeous CB10 Female Guyana Red tail Boa. Feeding really well on defrost and excellent to handle. £200.00 No offers Last is our CB09 Male Guyana Red tail...
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    this is the set for them , took a while but finally complete lol this is the background i made for them using paper mache and foam :) and finally my two baby red tail boas let me know what you think :)
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    adult pair of true red tails both around 6foot mark and both stunning snakes £300 the pair will try get pictures
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    Tame,never bitten/struck. Eat V Well.Pics on request via 07977821667.I love all my pets.ThanX for readingxx
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    Hi all, I have a trio of guyanan red-tails and I think two of them will be ready to breed next season so I want to get advice from anybody who has bred red-tails in the past - particularly guyanans but all help is greatly appreciated! I would like to know what size/weight the male and female...
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    Sorry about the quality of the pics, I had nobody to hold her while I took them but still had to share... Stunning Im sure you'll agree.. :whistling2:
1-6 of 6 Results