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red tail racer
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    Male 2017 CB - healthy and eating well. New keeper should have some experience as this is very fast and bitey.
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    CB12 Red Tailed Racer (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) Female £180
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    Hi, As per title, I have a male captive bred 2011 red tail racer. Over 6' long, so large arboreal viv a must. In perfect condition, feeds reliably on chicks, mice and small rats. Fairly nervous species of snake but no issue if hooked out of his viv and handled unrestricted. He would be ideal...
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    CB13 Northern Mexican Pine Snakes Unsexed (x2 Avaliable) £100 Each CB13 Western Hognose Female £70 CB13 Western Hognose Male £60 Each CB12 Diamondback Water Snake Female £80 CB12 Red Tailed Racer Male £160 CB12 Jungle Jaguar Sibling Carpet Python Female £60 CB13 Albino 66% Het Green & 50% Het...
  5. General Herp Chat
    Just out of interest has anyone ever housed these two species together? I wouldnt ever put my two together but i was just curious if they could be housed together!
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    x3 Red Tailed Racers Avaliable: Female (Tub 2) £180 Male (Tub 1) £160 Male (Tub 3) £160
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    Just got back with this little guy....chuffed is an under statement! CB2012
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    I don't own one currently but hope to in the next few years, so I want to see photos of your red tail(s), enclosure photos, and hear of your experiences with these wonderful, beautiful and crazy snakes. Anyone got a 'Tame' one? :lol2: :2thumb:
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    Hi all I have an LTC young female silver phase RedTail Racer (Gonyosoma oxycephala) for sale. She is around 3 feet long and so has plenty of growth left in her. She is the Javan silver phase, far rarer than the normal green phase. Ive attached an example pic of this phase. I have treated her...
1-9 of 9 Results