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    Male Suriname Red tail Boa for sale, handles and sheds well, I have had him for 5 years, beautiful snake selling only due to room constraints at home, also comes with a 4ft vivexotic viv and stand in walnut effect, heating lighting system installed in the viv is the Habistat digital dimming...
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    1.1 BCC 2014 (siblings), approx. 7' long 1.1 BCC 2015 (siblings), approx. 5.5' to 6' long Price for all four. These are two pairs definitely of different parentage, believed unrelated. The 2014s are descended from animals imported from H. Stockle in Germany and the younger ones are offspring...
  3. Snakes
    hey guys im buying a boa red tail snake and i have a 120 - 60 - 100 terrarium and im planing to get a waterfall in there, but i dont know if it well get the humidity to high for the snake. does anyone know if its possible? ps if u got some good usefull information about boa and heat u name it...
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    Let me introduce my Red Tail Boas to you all. 2.1 Red Tail Boas They are now housed in seperate enclosures.
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    CB 2017 Male New keeper will need some experience and confidence as this is a fast species that like to bite.
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    Hello All, I am giving away my female sub adult boa constrictor for free as she has become an aggressive feeder. I am unable to handle her so the collector will need to handle and remove her from the vivarium. She's roughly 6 foot long. Pictures attached
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    Both cb13, unrelated and came from Bob Clark, male is 7ft long and the female is 8ft long. Both eating, shedding and defecating as should be. They have fantastic temperaments and are very good to handle. Only selling as reducing numbers. Price is for both. Collection only and genuine enquiries...
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    Hi all. Couple of snakes on my shopping list. 1.I'm after a Suriname Red tail. No preference of age or gender. Let me know photo/prices and I'll get back to you. 2. I'm also after an adult female boa. Must be a morph not interested in commons. Lipstick sunglow would be nice but let me know...
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    Snakes 0.0.1 Adult Black Rat Snake - £55 1.0.0 White Sided Black Rat Snake - £70 1.0.0 Southern Pine Snake - £70 0.0.2 Albino African House Snake - £45 0.0.1 Albino Checkered Garter - £40 Sand Boas 0.0.1 Dodoma Flame Kenyan Sand Boa - £155 1.0.0 Snow Sand Boas - £95 1.1.0 het Albino - £75 0.0.2...
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    New in this week to Swell SuperStore! late CB14 Female Guyana Red Tail Boa - stunning snake, beautiful temperament too. Feel free to call the store on 0161 351 4705 for more information, collection from Hyde, Manchester or courier at your arrangement
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    Hi, I'm looking for male and female of the above born 2012 to 2016 inclusive. I already have male and female siblings, born August 2014 and purchased from Reptiles Plus, Bournemouth in 2015. I'm interested in any individual or sibling pair unrelated to these, or any forthcoming litters. I will...
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    Like the title says I have two Boa Constrictors that im giving away for free, I know longer have the time or space for these snakes. They are both female i believe but don't know this for sure, there well fed and strong snakes no health issues whatsoever. they come with a temporary tank and heat...
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    I am planning to leave my university course and join the army. Snake is male, healthy and a good eater. He is very tame. 1 and a half years old, approximately five foot in length. £150 for snake alone Available also are 5ft x 2ft x 2ft pine viv complete with hollow log hide, 2x water bowl...
  14. General Herp Chat
    Right, I was working in Canada for a couple of months recently so decided to treat myself to a treat before I flew home. I picked up a Sony A6000 with kit lens, all of this was taken on the kit lens using superior auto with a manual focus. These are my favourite shots of the day; Bare...
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    Hi all I am new to owning snakes and my mum has recently gotten a boa female apparently 6months old from a breeder. Apparently she is a cross between a salmon boa and a red tail boa. However, I have seen another chap on here who thought his was too and it turned out it wasn't. I was hoping I...
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    Male Peruvian Red tailed Boa Born in August 2014 here in Dorset Will deliver within 100 miles at cost
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    Sadly, due to a change in my personal circumstances I'm having to sell my beautiful BCC. I've had her since a baby and she's always been calm and brilliant to handle. She's never refused a meal. I say "she" as that's what people who have seen her think, but she's not been probed.
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    Hi all Just like it says in title, pure red tail boa with papers set up ready in 2 weeks, cash ready, only after a male and after a baby or any other hi end morphs.
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    Currently selling my whole collection as I unfortunately do not have the time to donate to reptiles any more. Adult male CB 2006 Guyana Red Tail Boa (true BCC) RFUK purchase back in 2007 from Rachy's stock Small for his age at 5.5ft and weighs 2.9kg Has always been quite dark in colouring for...
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    For sale wx male Suriname boa approx 3.5ft does all he should, collection from Newcastle or courier at buyers expense
1-20 of 85 Results