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red tegu
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    1.0.0. (male) Red Tegu T. rufescens 0.1.0 (female) Black & White Argentine Tegu S. merianae CF Late 2015 30"+ ttl Female has a slight malformation of right lower jaw (visible in photo), which she has had since we've owned her - it has been vet-checked, and she was treated for stomatitis as a...
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    i have 2 red tegu for sale,one is grown on,other is a baby,eating everything offered,not to keen on fruit,£150 each
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    shedding and eating well. 2yrs old, likes coming out for a wander lovely animal will email pics
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    Last babies aveleble. All 5 female and 400 euro each. Pick up at hamm or houten expo. Father: Mother: Baby (will get more red when older):
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    hello all, here i have a reluctant sale of my 4 year old male red tegu. he's never bitten, but doesn't appreciate handling. all toes/claws are there as is all of his tail. selling to due expanding my snake collection and needing more time/space to focus on them. possibly willing to trade for a...
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    I have been keeping lizards since I was nine and am now 26 and finally getting my own place. This of course means that I can finally get a nice large 7 x 3 x 3 foot viv and need something to put in it! As well as being in the viv, the animal will be allowed free roam of the downstairs of my...
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    Hi all, I normally hang out in the snake section and occasionally look at your monitor threads, but am new here so far as posting goes. I came across this Red Tegu with a friend and we're not sure if its a male of female - its an adult and has developed jowls, but they're not as large and...
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    hi 2 weeks ago i bought a 6 month old red tegu and in this time he has only eaten 1 locust. all his temperatures, basking spot and humidity are correct but he just wont eat i have tried him with everything i can think of but still nothing can someone give me some advice please
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    Hi does anybody know if a red tegu and a plated lizard can live together?
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    Hi! Previously posted to say my Tegu, Guido hated me, but today when I let them out I completely ignored him, just paid attention to the female, and after about half an hour of wandering, he got up onto my lap and just layed on me, even let me stroke him while he went to sleep. Am so so...
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    Hi all, My first post! I need some advice (or reassurance), about my juvie male red tegu, have had him about 2 months now, he's an aggressive feeder, but also really huffy and aggressive with me, despite daily interaction. We have a female and she's really settled down and not at all...
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    Hiya need gone asap 2ft long tame,healthy,eating,sheding well no viv please don't ask for pics as can't get pics looks like a normal red tegu Lol £150 if gone ASAP no timewasters only swap for ipad iPhone sand boas royal Morphs blackberry 9900 pm me any questions based near...
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    REPTILE KINGDOM! Livestock 29/06/12 The shop expansion is underway so this list is going to get a lot bigger soon, as lots more viv’s and incubator is full! So keep an eye out for new arrivals and pics. Check out the list below and if anything takes your fancy message us or give us a call on...
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    hi i have a red male tegu not sure about hes age, we bought him from a pet shop he was in a bit of a state (i know i shouldnt of bought him looking like he did but i felt sorry for him) he has a bit of hes tail missing, he is not tame but we have handled him a few time and think he could be...
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    Hi guys, I'm after a young red tegu, preferably cb12. Let me know if you have any :-) many thanks in advance
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    8 Beautiful baby Tupinambis rufescens for sale. Approx 8 weeks old; taming down and feeding well. £325.00 each. Collection from South London or at BRAS Show in Essex on 12th May. 50% deposit required to reserve one (or more) of these stunning omnivorous lizards! E-mail...
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    iv got 2 females that i intend to breed with a mates male and im looking for some infomation on breeding. i cant find anything on websites on how to breed in captive without hibernation. Any advice and info would be great. nathan
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    iv got 2 females that i intend to breed with a mates male and im looking for some infomation on breeding. i cant find anything on websites on how to breed in captive without hibernation. Any advice and info would be great. nathan
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    Beautiful dude!! Likes human contact and readily feeds from tongs. VERY reluctant sale - but forced to sell due to house move. Will drop price if travelling a long way to compensate for fuel etc!! Eats insects, various butcher-bought organs, rodents, eggs and will pick at some fruit+veg...
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    Looking for a red tegu any sex
1-20 of 33 Results