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redtail boa

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    Salutations, friends! So I got a ball python and a red tail boa 4 weeks ago. My bp is housed in a wood glass enclosure, while my rtb is in a tub glass enclosure with paper towels as substrate. Their temperatures are spot on 90-95f on the hot side, 70-75f cold side. The humidity in both...
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    hi im selling my 7 month old Brazilian True Redtail Boa BCc. she does everything she should feeding defrost rat pups but will need to go up a size pretty soon. comes with rub and heat matt.
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    I have a red tail boa left in my position by an ex flat mate. I need to find it a good home as I cannot keep it my self. its 6-7 ft approx. 8 years old I have tried rescue centres rspca etc and no interest but was advised to try this forum. any interest my email is [email protected]
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    Just testing to see if I can upload pics via photo bucket! This should be a pic of one of my new guyana redtails (bcc) not the best pic but if it works will upload some more :) :)
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    hi guys just wondering does anyone know of some decent breeders of true redtails i am looking into getting one early 2013 and want to find a good breeder thanks in advance :no1:
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    Suriname Red Tail Boas Baby Suriname red tailed boas. Just taken there first feed so should be ready in about a month. £275each £500 Pr If interested let me no cheers. bottom picture is the female
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    i saw a very strange picture today,on someones mobile phone.this picture was of a 5' red tail the picture was some slugs.i said to her where did the slugs come from.she said that the redtail laid them. dont all the boa family,give birth to live snakes?the only thing i can think of,is...
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    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on breeding my male Redtail boa. I have no genetic information but would like to breed him with a morph female and I'm hoping for some suggestions from someone more experienced. He has been bred by his previous owners and owned by me for 2 years, so not exactly...
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    hi a quick question i have been asked if a columbian boa is a red tail or not? i'm sure ian kerr will be on here to answer me lol :P many thanks for your input guys :D
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    only selling to make room in my collection 4 new project . verry tame 9 ft ish lol. brought him from snakes n adders 4 years ago:no1:
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    question, do male boas have proportionately smaller heads than females? my friends male bci has a head thats alot smaller than another friends female suriname, i know theyre different, but i was curious if it was a female thing to have larger heads, or just if suris have really big heads...
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    i have a dwarf redtail boa for sale, male around 2 years 3 months old, hes 3ft long perfect weight. never shown any aggression hes the most docile snake ive ever handled. £250 first to see will buy.