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reduced pattern

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    Selling one of my two pairs of reduced pattern Irian Jaya's, due to cutting back on the whole collection. Excellent feeders. 300 euro's for the pair I will be in Hamm. Courier is possible at buyer's expense. female male
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    New Guinea x Jag Sib – CB06 Female. Bred by Paul Harris and surplus to requirements. A lovely snake, about 6ft, very handleable and feeds very well - taking a large rat every three weeks. She is proven, the picture in my signature is one of her offspring when I paired her with a pure IJ CP...
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    My new reduced pattern female. Hope you like her, I love her pattern, massive thanks to Darren (KM & M Piran Boas)
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    She is a lovely snake - friendly although im leaving her to settle in a bit. Feeding tomorrow :) I love her beautiful sheen and she loves her new home with its tubes to hide in. Not sure who i got her from but it was at Doncster!
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    I have for sale a 2010 male Lemon Pastel, he is 381g empty, should be ready to breed next season. Eats frozen thawed small rats each week, never missed a feed. Sheds in one everytime. Stunning male for £175 or would consider swaping for female pastel (with cash) Next up is a male...
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    Here is the pictures of my female Reduced Pattern Papuan Jag. When I bought her in September After she sed last week Can't wait for her to shed again! :2thumb:
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    Hi all i have a normal male royal python for sale he can come with viv or on his own. Hes feeding on large rat weener every 7 days, sheds all in one and loves to be handled. Pm me and i will get back to you im open to offers. Thanx for looking Liz. Think he may also a reduced pattern :2thumb:
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    Various Grown on Royal Pythons - IHS Doncaster / Collection Southampton Currently available - various male and female Royals that are now surplus to my breeding projects: (Ref: MBB1) CB07 Male Partial Black Backed Royal Python - currently weighs 1040g empty - excellent defrost feeder - SOLD...