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rein snake
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    I have for sale a pair of Rein Snake (Gonyosoma frenatum), these are the last ones left from last year's clutch, they are a beautiful arboreal species that stay small and are very active. Any questions please get in contact. £225 each or £400 for the pair
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    Hi i have a pair of young Gonyosoma frenatum ready to go from this years clutch (they are related) these are extremely rare and i'm yet to find another breeder in the UK (please contact me if you are breeding these as i would love to get some more bloodlines) These are amazing show snakes as...
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    Six Rein snakes (Elaphe frenata) for sale £130 each or two for £250. Not yet sexed. DOB July 2016. Feeding well on de frozen pinkies. Please get in touch if interested.
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    For sale : breeding pair of Rhadinophis frenatus- Rein snake. Captive bred,2012 in Check Republic. Laid eggs this year - full success. At the moment mating again. Will only sell as a pair. Could deliver to Doncaster.
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    Hi, I am looking to get either one or two elaphe frenata, commonly known as either the assam trinket snake or rein snake found in China and India. If two are available then I would prefer a male and female for my breeding project. CB or WC specimens are fine, as long as they are in a healthy...
1-5 of 6 Results