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    hi, im selling 2 nearly new acme cyclone pro's 1. working great, needs a new erial for remote coz dog chewd it. crack in one of the wheels but still works fine needs a little tune. comes with: glow starter+charger, fuel, after run oil and some wrenches for the wheels ect.. £80 2. complete car...
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    heya guys. i have a remote control car electric powered and i think it is created by tamya, its called mad bull like a dune buggy huge chunky tyres and moves it!. it does need however a battery charger but these are easily got at model shops for a few quid. the control for it alone cost me 60...
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    hiya thinking of selling my buggy/car it is battery operated but it goes up 2 30-40mph. very fast car for a battery pack one... lots of people race these next to the plough inn pub(in southampton) as there is a race track there for petrol cars and the buggy what im selling will come with- 3-4...
1-3 of 3 Results