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    as stated usb lead and all in one lcd cost 120 origonally think its the khameleon one very good piece of kit contact for more info
  2. Lizards
    Hey, I've been looking after reptiles now for a few years and I'm currently building a new viv for a couple of new cresties I have coming soon. I came up with idea that I would like to be able to monitor the vivarium conditions whenever I'm not around and so I have an I.P. camera installed in...
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    I have for sale a Brushless HBX rocket rc car this is in very goo condition and is a very fast car so be careful when driving with full battery!!! It is not a Childs toy but is very very fun to use!!! As it is an electric car it is near silent so perfect for someone who lives in a crowded area...
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    hiya thinking of selling my buggy/car it is battery operated but it goes up 2 30-40mph. very fast car for a battery pack one... lots of people race these next to the plough inn pub(in southampton) as there is a race track there for petrol cars and the buggy what im selling will come with- 3-4...
1-4 of 5 Results