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repashy diet
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    Hey everyone, I have read up everywhere on the internet for Cresty care and ive read up that Repashy superfoods is the best diet for a Cresty.... The problem is, my Gecko, she is 5 months old, does not want to touch that stuff, she only eats crickets.. Ive read up that id have to take the...
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    Repashy Crested Gecko diet - original flavour (150 grams) The original and the best for all crested geckos. Repashy Superfoods original One-Part Meal Replacement Powder (MRP) for all fruit eating Geckos such as Rhacodactylus, Phelsumas, and Gekko. Also great for other lizards such as Anoles...
  3. Lizards
    :2thumb:Hi all, Just got my first crested gecko recently.I have managed to get a 4oz packet of repashy complete diet for £5 and wondered if thats about the best i'll get? All replies welcome.and anyone wishing to let me know of any advise on crestie diet is very welcome to do so. thanks steve
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    Wanted to share these :welcome: thanks for looking got eggs cooking from the pair pictured, if anyone wants to get a hold of some halloween babies
  5. Lizards
    Hi all, just got a gorgeous gargoyle gecko, but i am a bit confused with feeding regime, i usually feed all of my other reps on an evening,around 6 o'clock, is this a good time to feed the gargoyle also? i have the repashy sachets, one nectar, one mrp base and one sachet mrp, can i give the mrp...
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    Gargoyles for sale £70 each Can include starter kit for £25 (now includes 4oz repashy diet)
1-6 of 6 Results