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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I have just bought a second hand fish tank with a light starter but the ends, where you connect the tube light, are discoloured and one seems to have the remains of a tube in it (a little metal spoke from a tube light is stuck in one of the holes) so my question is can i replace these ends...
  2. Habitat
    Hey all. I know you're probably thinking "not another one of these threads", but I've got a question that none of the others seem to answer. Firstly, I have a canopy for my exo terra which provides the frog with UV, even though it's through a mesh. My problem is that there's condensation...
  3. Habitat
    Just interested to see if anyone had replaced the doors on an exo with screen/wire panels? If possible I would like to try but not sure where to start! Also don't want the whole thing to smash to smithereens either! Presumably you could hot glue some sturdy screen to the black bits on the top...
  4. Equipment & Supplies
    has anybody successfully repaired or replaced a cracked back panel on an exo terra before? i am going to silicone a piece of acrylic on to both sides but thought i would ask if anybody has any better suggestions first.
1-4 of 4 Results