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    hardly used ask any questions.
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    hardly been used, ask any questions
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    ask any questions
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    ask any questions
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    Two exo terra gecko dish/bowl £3 each One Komodo hide large £5 One exo terra large hide £5 Twelve hatching tubs £24 the lot have no lids as I cut them off to fit in rack One large flat faunarium with heat mat and stat (mat is connected to the stat) £20 Postage will depend on weight of...
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    few bits & bobs for sale *350wt AHS (Advanced heating system) - only used for a month. *Ceramic reflector with guard + 150wt infra red heat bulb- 1 month old. *Dimmer habitat thermostat - used. can send pics to anyone interested. Buyer to collect.
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    Anyone know where to get a pair of long plastic tongs that I can get delivered to cornwall? I dont want a massive pair, 20cm something like that. All I can find are tiny pairs
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    I have the following reptile equipment for sale: 24x15x15 glass vivarium - £15 12 litre rub - £5 24.5 litre rub - £8 33 litre rub - £8 Habistat mat stat - £15 Habistat twin-channel stat - £30 Microclimate ministat 100 - £15 Habistat heat mat x 2 (6x11 inches) - £8 each Komodo heat mat...
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    Here's your chance to own everything you need to set up a professional vivarium for you reptile at a fraction of the price! All you will need after buying this little lot is a tank and your choice of Reptile! Microclimate Ministat 100. ProRep Basking Spot Lamp 40w ES. ProRep Red Night Spot...
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    2 40w heatmats 1 600w dimmer stat 5 exoterra hides 1 arcadia ceramic bulb holder
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    3 water bowls small, medium and large £10 3/4 bag vermiculite course grade 3x bits of viv wood 1x medium decorative rock £15 PT-2226 exo terra compact top canopy 45x9x20 £20 Heat mat (11" x 11") £5 2x tube lighting units £15 each 2x heat bulb fitting units with 1 cage £20 air pump ac-9903...
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    2ft viv for sale or consider swap for corn hatchlings. Some reptile matting. Dog bowls used for water dishes in the past, some orchid bark, couple of heat mats.
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    For sale 2 large hides 3 medium hides 4 small hides 1 large bowl 1 bulb cage 1 bendy vine All for only £30 Pick up only as to heavy to post Will not spit Live in Oxford ox4 6pq
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    I have some spare items for sale as i'm selling up most of my kit. I've got the following in great working order: Ultratherm Heat Mats 6x11, 11x11, 23x6 Habistat Heat mat 17x11 2 x Arcadia UV controller's AC15 14/15W 1 x D3 24 inch Reptile tube. Only 6 months old. Included for free as I...
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    Reptile equipment for sale: Habistat Twin Channel Stat Habistat Mat Stat (Boxed) Habistat Heat Mat 11x11 12 Watt (never used) Habistat Heat Mat 6x11 7 Watt (never used) Habistat Heat Mat 13.5 Watt Komodo 50 Watt Ceramic Bulb Log Hide Reptile Cave - medium x 2 Reptile Cave - small Medium Water...
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    hi i am moving over to royals so i have a few bit of equipment for sale 4 x 9 ltr rubs 3 pound each 1x4 ltr rub 3 pound 1 angle cage 5 pound a selection of different size heat mats and stripes 5 pound each 1 large exoterra hide 5 pound 1 24.5 ltr rub 5 pound
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    Hi all, Because if university I never had much time to spend with my Sav so I sadly had to sell him. I am now selling the 4ft (length) by 1 and a half foot in width and height vivarium. It comes with the Arcadia starter kit that has waterproof ends for the UV Tube, and it comes with an Arcadia...
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    good condition viv exotic little bit of the decor on front of viv needs glueing back into place other than that perfectly great
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