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  1. IHS Doncaster
    Dates September 23rd 2018 November 4th 2018 Opening Times Members- 10:15 Non-Members- 10:45 Ticket Prices Members- £2.50 Non-Members- £5
  2. Newbie Advice
    I'm going to my first reptile expo this September (Doncaster) and I really don't know what to get! Should I: Go to the expo and buy the animal with it's viv Try as hard as I can to make up my mind (which tbh probably won't work) Please give me some advice!!!
  3. Snakes
    Hey All! I was wondering, are there any good reptile expo's in London? I'm always hearing the americans going on about them, but never seen one here.
  4. IHS Doncaster
    What are the show dates for the IHS Doncaster breeder show?
  5. Snakes
    Hi guys, As some of you may be aware, me and Simon (simon3dee) arranged a trip to the hamm reptile expo in germany, this has been such a success and so many other people have shown an interest we have decide to do it again for the show in september, on a slightly larger scale. Hamm, if you were...
  6. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    We have started to work on a new page on the website that shows a number of UK and EU Reptile Shows. If you know of more and any more information please feel free to add. Or anyway to make the page better (will add links to maps soon). UK Reptile Shows and Exhibitions - 2013 | KJ Reptile...
  7. Feeder
    1.Mixed (No adults) £2.50 2.Mixed (With adults) £5.00 3.Starter colony £10.00-£20.00 4.Pair of adults (Female could be pregnant) £2.00 5.Refill pack £7.50-£15.00 Starter colony- contains 4 pairs of adults and 15 nymphs around 50 babies-£20 Starter colony- contains 2 pairs of adults and 10...
  8. Introductions
    My name is Jenn and I am a show promoter for the Myrtle Beach Reptile Expo. It's an annual reptile expo that my husband has put on the last two years. A few people suggested contacting some of the other countries to let them know about it, so here I am. We've been able to pull some...
  9. Snakes
    Can someone tell me ig there are going to be any Reptile Expo's next year in Scotland? If so, mind dropping a wee link? Tried ye old google to no prevail. :P Cheers
  10. Kempton Park Shows
    hi does any one know the date and i need as much info as i can get: victory:
  11. Introductions
    Hi my name is matt, not great at computers but seem to be going ok so far. just wanted say hello. I have 3 Yellow Bellied slider Turtles, 3 Fire Bellied Toads, 2 rainbow/Halloween Crabs. Tropical Fish, Budgies. and have spent the last 3 months preparing a chameleon tank. I basically have a room...
  12. Lizards
    Hi Folks, Does anyone on here know what breeders and shops etc are going to be at the Kempton Reptile Expo 2011 this year please as Im looking for designer bearded dragon morphs can anyone please help Thanks Lee :2thumb:
  13. Snakes
    I am just so excited! I'll be getting up quite early so I can get there on time. Any of you guys hve super long journeys. It'll be interesting to see what lenghts people go to to get a rep :D. I am probs getting a Crawl Cay Boa :D:D:D:D:D Also my first expo, should I get there on time or early?
  14. Lizards
    was just wondering if anyone is going to the stretford reptile expo this weekend and if any one has bin to it before if you have is it anygood.
  15. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    i was wondering if the maidstone expo in august 2010 is still going on or whether it is cancelled.thanks :2thumb:
  16. Lizards
    Me and my partner are driving up on the saturday, Booking a room in the travel lodge so will be there nice and early sunday! Im really looking forward to it as havent been to a reptile expo before! Going to be buying some nice bearded dragons from sibylla at 'where dragons dwell' hopefully...
  17. Shop Classifieds
    Hello, everyboby! My name is Anita Zhang, I’m from China. Like all of you, I’m also a reptile pet enthusiast. I’d like to share the joy of keeping reptiles with all of you. I have four turtles and I call them dingdang. Here I also want to recommend my reptile supply online store to you. If you...
  18. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    I'm going tomorrow who else is going?
  19. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Just like to know: Who's going Will there be BALL PYTHONS???? Is it open to the public Which companys have tables. Cheers. : victory:
  20. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Are there any shows near London or in as I live near London Thanks. :2thumb:
1-20 of 20 Results