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reptile hide
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    All items in mint/ near mint condition ELECTRICALS -Microclimate B1 600w dimming thermostat : £25 -Florescent / UV bulb fitting (with or without bulb, its very old so UV production wont be any good) : £make an offer HIDES - 2x Exo-Terra reptile cave medium £5 - Repti shelter...
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    heyya clearing some reptile equipment what i got which i dont use anymore heres a green pumpkin, great for a hide, or what i used it for was to put moss in it for a shedding hide for leos. or just a hide for them. has three openings for ur lizard to go in and out of. good condition £3 or...
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    heyya selling a reptile/ snake tree stump hide brought couple of months ago. good conditoion but can be used for lizards i used it for my breadie when he was young £4 pickup £6:50 inc postage as its quit weighty as made from pvc hard plastic
1-3 of 3 Results