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  1. Snake Classifieds
    For sale... 0.1 platinum golden child (April 2014) bred by Bob clark £600 ono 0.1 dwarf white albino (March 2008 ) bred by Bob clark.. breed able age £600 ono 0.1 dwarf sunfire tiger phgs (feb 2014) bred by dean at the reptile room £400 ono 0.1 dwarf platinum pdhags 2013 bred by Jay @...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    2007 adult male dwarf genetic stripe, great feeder on jumbo rats....nervous disposition, but easy to work with for the more experienced, was tame but is now very flighty and will strike if messed around with too much or cornered, would very likely tame down again with some work and patience...
  3. Snake Pictures
    this girl is gorgeous! she has amazing colour to her! superb almost fully striped pattern....and is a total sweetheart to boot! what more could you want from a retic?
  4. Snakes
    aup just wondering out of curiosity how big are the demands for big snake morphs ie. retics, burms and boas in comparison to royal morphs
  5. Snake Pictures
    thought id up date with a few pictures of some of my collection and hatchlings produced. ive kept the former name - this is randal - adult male purple albino - good looking lad if i do say so my self. Betty - adult female granite back het anthrax - one of a kind shes amazing in...
  6. Snake Pictures
    These are all well established, gorgeous babies. I'm really hoping to be out there this year, and all these morphs need to be seen in person to be appreciated- We are bringing a bunch of other stuff, but these are all available on pre-order. If you want to pick one up, Text (714) 907-7312 or...
  7. Snake Pictures
    hey all she just shed so thought id pull her out to get some pix. she is getting close to 7 foot now and darkening up very well.
  8. Snake Pictures
    hey all thought id post a couple of headshots of my female caramel. ill post more of her and the supertiger 2morro
  9. Snake Classifieds
    I have 1.1 Tiger Granite Back retics 100% Het Antrax bred by Urban Reptile Canada, be the first to produce Antrax retics in the uk These are 2010 and feeding every time on rat pups £480 EACH £900 PAIR
  10. Snakes
    Getting a shipment ready to send across the pond and wondering what everyone is looking for. What morphs would you like to see over there or bring in more of over there. Matt
1-10 of 10 Results