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  1. Snake Pictures
    not took any retic pics in thought I would grab some quick snaps while I had a bit of life left in the camera lol.... lavender albino tiger had a rubbish shed so gave her a spray the smaller tiger (she is deep in shed) and my biggest girl...looking very dull so...
  2. Snake Pictures
    well my biggest girl had a bad took her out to try and get the worst off for her, and grabbed a few pics while I had the chance... and the house training is coming on very well!! :2thumb:
  3. Snake Pictures
    my lav albino tiger girl (in shed so looking a bit rubbish lol) and my unknown locale granite back type thingy girl....I have never known a snake look so AWFUL in shed! she looks hideous when in shed, she wrinkles up like a deflated tyre...and looks like she has not been fed or had water...
  4. Snake Pictures
    woke up this morning to my newest retic looking absolutely gorgeous! completely trashed her viv shedding through the night, but she looks so gorgeous I cant be mad :lol2: :flrt:
  5. Snake Pictures
    my male dwarf genetic stripe shed last thought I would grab some snaps of him looking all spangly and shiney :no1::lol2:
  6. Snake Pictures
    grabbed some snaps of my gorgeous girl today...she shed the other day, but struggles every shed, no matter what I try! so it is now a ritual pretty much every shed I have to give her a nice warm bath and help her to complete the after doing this I thought as she was looking extra...
  7. Snake Pictures
    my favourite chap is growing like a weed now! and deep in shed yet again!...i still think he looks gorgeous even in shed...i shall update with pics after he has shed out also. excuse the mauled hands! the joys of monitors! :flrt::lol2:
  8. Snake Pictures
    well...i really dont know what is going on with me! i have named two snakes this past month or so :gasp::lol2:....this guy is really not nasty as the name suggests, but he is a pain at the moment and does NOT like co-operating very much! he is also in breeding mode which doesnt help! as he wants...
  9. Snake Pictures
    its hard to believe that this guy.... manages to get himself (quite comfortably) into a 20in long by 18in wide tub of water!...this chap seems to be quite the waterbaby, and loves spending a lot of time just chilling out in his water... sorry for boring you all with more pics of...
  10. Snakes
    well i got my tiger tonight! and he is LOVELY! a bit bigger than i thought lol...but its not a problem, he seems a really placid chap all in all, and has some lovely colouring...chuffed to bits with him! only grabbed a few snaps and they dont really show his true size...but he is actualy nearer...
  11. Snake Pictures
    well tonight i got my first pics of my gorgeous lad munching away on his first small/med rat!...not the best pics, and batteries died before he really got anywhere...but hey-ho! :lol2:....enjoy.
  12. Snake Pictures
    well i am off "sick" today thought i would grab some outside pics while teh weather is nice! first up my female Kayuadi retic...feb 09 hatch, and around 5.5ft not good pics of her as she is into EVERYTHING and doesn`t sit still lol... and now my feb 10 hatch male...
1-13 of 13 Results