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reticular pythons
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    Here's a few pics of my female motley GoldenChild het purple Retic! Enjoy! She's growing Great and she's darker and darker as she sheds!
  2. Snakes
    Here's a Pic Of Stunna & Monstar outside Just enjoying the day.....
  3. Snakes
    Soon to be getting a lovely triple gene male Retic (dwarf), hes a Sunfire, genetic stripe, het albino. Hes only a wee one, this years baby, so im looking at prices and different morphs of females that will produce good offspring with him at a later stage. Sadly I'm learning as I go with the...
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    Hi everyone! Names ken From Michigan Currently have 2 snakes - dumerils boa (jazmin) - white phase albino retic python (Twinkie) Up and coming snake enthusiast Have had snakes my whole life But now getting into the more "advanced" breeds Any advice on snakes I'm very welcomed 2! Will post...
1-4 of 4 Results