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reticulated python pics
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    this girl just amazes me every time I look at her!.....I just cannot get over how rediculously bright she is! there has to be more in there than just the tiger gene IMO, if not then she is undoubtedly the brightest best looking standard tiger I have ever laid eyes on :flrt:
  2. Snake Pictures
    woke up this morning to my newest retic looking absolutely gorgeous! completely trashed her viv shedding through the night, but she looks so gorgeous I cant be mad :lol2: :flrt:
  3. Snake Pictures
    love this girl to bits! :flrt:
  4. Snake Pictures
    first up my feb 2010 lavender albino...produced by Mikee on here. and my female early/mid 2010 female lavender albino striped tiger. quite possibly my two most favourite snakes in my collection!
  5. Snake Pictures
    this is our new female lavender albino tiger (thanks again Dan!) she is a stunning girl! with a full dorsal stripe and a lovely yellow head! sadly the pics seem to wash her out quite a bit, but you get the idea! :flrt::flrt:
  6. Snake Pictures
    some new pics i just got of my lavender albino retic...he just gets better and better!...excuse the white urates on his head! he decided to relieve himself in the night and must have slid through it! :devil::lol2: he decided to come and say hello to the camera lol....
  7. Snakes
    Check out some of the variations the Titaium gene throws... you outta see them in the flesh! -Garrett
  8. Snake Pictures
    well this little chap is growing VERY well now! and he just gets better and better looking every day! he is a very inquisitive and friendly chap...and has not once shown ANY agression what so ever!...possibly my favourite snake i have had the pleasure of keeping! :no1:
1-8 of 8 Results