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reticulated python
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    50% kalaotoa het pied's Mum: UKExotics line pure kalaotoa Dad: Mainland pied reticulated python £700/pair 1.1 50% SD white albino goldenchilds - £500/each 3.0 50% SD white albino's - £200/each 1.1 50% SD het white albino's £150/each Mum: 50% madu Goldenchild het white albino Dad: 50% SD white...
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    For Sale: Young (2-3 month) female reticulated python. Marble pos. with 66% Het. Anthrax. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer able to keep this beautiful snake. Looking for a good and loving home. Snake is approximately 24" long and is on a weekly feeding schedule of adult...
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    I'm wondering what morphs are compatible with an orange glow other than another orange glow iv read several conflicting posts about what albinos are compatible and id rather not breed my orange glow to something that will only produce hets
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    I got this guy recently.
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    Hey, I'm looking for a few more snakes to complete my M. R. Jampeanus collection, Please message me if you have any of the following available although other localities may be considered (I already have both Dwarf Saputrai localities and Borneo) 0.1 Female Pure Jampea 1.0 Male Pure Jampea 1.0...
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    Selling my small collection due to moving house and not having the space. 12 month only Female Sunfire Tiger Retic - £180ono 3x Juvinile Boa Constrictor - £60 each / 3 for £150 ono I would be open to offers on the whole group as well if anybody would like pictures please email me...
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    Female Mainland Reticulated Python. Stunning and friendly (if inquisitive) girl, currently destroying XL rats and about to move on to small rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Beautiful, normal coloured girl that would do well with experienced keepers of large snakes. Caveat: This is a Reticulated Python...
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    The female who just shed this morning And here's an older picture of the male.
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    had her just over a month now. never had a retic, that's so placid, and easy going.
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    Hi guys doing a sale on these last few to move them on so i can concentrate and the next breeding Dec 2017 parents are Stunning unusual lavender female x purple suntiger male 1.1 lavender. £125 0.1 lavender tiger £150 0.1 lavender sunfire £200 0.2 lavender suntiger £250 1.0 purple...
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    Hi guys need to move these on now to make room for the next lot any more info and pics let me know :) April 2017 Parents female gc x male purple suntiger Babies are 100% het purple 1.2 sunfires. £70 1.0 tiger. £70 1.2 suntigers. £100
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    I have 1 male and 1 female (siblings) lav suntiger 75%sd both 5-6 years old male is about 5ft female is around 6-7ft asking 250 each Male is proven female I haven’t bred Any questions please pm me
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    I'm new to figuring out how all these different genes work so any help would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone tell me the outcome of breeding a lavender albino tiger to an albino super tiger that's het for snow? Thanks!
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    Currently needing quick sale as i'm moving house ready for university where no pets are allowed, they were bought as pets and intended to be kept for life but circumstances changed. All of them are well handled and playful. Prices massively reduced due to needing them to find homes soon...
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    Hi everyone! :) Selling this lovely lady, she eats, poops, sheds and does everything that she needs to do :) Message me if you'd like more information such as pictures or size etc. Thank you! :D
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    :welcome: :whistling2: Someone is giving me a reticulated and I've never actually had this question come up before. The previous owner is currently feeding his 3-4 year old FEMALE retic 1 jumbo rat every 2 weeks. Now my question is, will this stunt growth? Is this proper food for proper...
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    Hi guys, So, as the title mentions, my python went haywire on me today behind the glass, as I walked by. She struck about 5-6 times against the glass, really hard, scooping a motherload of lignocel along the way. (For the people who know viperkeeper on youtube, he would've called her a toad...
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    I am looking for a tame male retic please up to 10 foot and up to £175
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    Oct price list All babies are 100% het purple Tigers £90 Sunfires £90 Suntigers £125 Goldenchild sunfires £375 Goldenchild sunfire tigers £450 As always courier availible as well as pick up
1-19 of 355 Results