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reverse okeetee
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    CB14 Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake Unsexed £60
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    Hi! I'm looking for breedable EXTREME/HIGH WHITE REVERSE OKEETEE females!
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    Please pm me or email me with pics, info & location, thanks [email protected]
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    Nadira finally took a pink after about five mins of wiggling it and a million strikes at my fingers, tongs and the pinky then seemingly letting go in surprise... post feed... Rusty... daddy of Nadira... Natalya... mummy of Nadira... Duende... Andariel... Marmite... Scat...
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    Here for sale I have an reverse okeetee corn snake who is male and an adult, I am looking for £30. He is a great eater and sheds perfect along with pooing. He's a great snake. Can email pictures if interested
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    Here I have a two year old, reverse okeetee, male cornsnake for sale. I am selling as I am having to downsize on my collection. He is a great snake with a very good temperament, enjoys being out and is very docile. Eats and poos fine and is eating jumbo mice, weekly. Looking for £50 exactly...
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    looking for male and a female Reverse Okeetee from 2008 onwards willing to pick up if not too far and reasonably priced
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    This is a high quality pair of CB2010 AMEL OKEETEE / REVERSE OKEETEE corn snakes bred by Don Soderberg and imported as part of the 2010 CORN RUN. I have a complete record of their progress through the first year of their lives, including details of sheds, feeds and weights. They are both in...
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  10. Genetics
    Hi It's recently been brought to my attention, that my beloved corn Picollo whom I thought was a Reverse Okeetee, is infact an Amel.... :( Can anyone confirm this, as I have been seeing photos of RO's which look sexactly like him, apparently he was from the Serpenco line and classed as...
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    anyone got a RO female? as young as possible? near loughborough (leics)? or know of anyone that breeds them? Cheers :2thumb:
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    Had different people tell me different things so can someone confirm for me please, Amel or RO....?? This is his mum
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    I thought i would share a pic of my fav corn now she has just shed. :flrt::flrt:
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    hi peeps, im looking (possibly in vain) for a superb quality high white bordered reverse okketee corn female, my recent aquisition is not what i hoped for in terms of quality. any age considered, all prices considered. please pm me if you have or know of any for sale thanks
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    Hi, im looking for an excellent example of a reverse okeetee female. most i have seen are just high white amels. any age considered and will travel for the right snake. thanks x
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    Really want a male Reverse Okeetee. Let me know what you have. Will consider females also.
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    Really love RO corns, wondered what genetics make one?
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    Okay these are the corns I would like to add to my collection.... A really nice RO with a lot of white A true red/white candy Possibly a golddust but have no idea of their worth!:blush: Normal or butter stripe Let me know what you have-preferably near to me or would courier etc...
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    How Much is a 5 month old reverse okeetee usally, Ive just bought one (was pesumed a candy but i am 85% sure its a reverse okeetee. Just wanted to see what kinda deal i got. He was so attractive a sweet i just had to have him
1-19 of 20 Results