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    Male GT Friedel Line Leachianus Gecko Weight: 212 grams approximately - T.B.C. Hatch date: August 2018 8.5" - 9" SVL Purchased from Fats & Rhacs in 2018 Extremely healthy male leachianus gecko, eats / poos /shreds just as he should. Fed on a diet consisting mainly of Repashy with occasional...
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    1 Male and 1 Female Gargoyle Gecko for sale. They are both high red stripes. Male is ready to breed, 2.5 years old. Female is not ready to breed yet, will be next season before she should be bred from. Asking £340 for the pair.
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    I have very reluctantly decided to part with my BIG prize adult male Rhacodactylus leachianus. He is in perfect condition and eats crickets, Repashy and mashed banana happily ands voraciously. He was adult when I got him a few years ago, and I believe he is a proven breeder, but unfortunately I...
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    Looking for a male gargoyle gecko with an interesting colour. If you know any breeders please contact me!
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    Sub-adult male GIANT MADAGASCAN LEAF-TAILED GECKO (Uroplatus fimbriatus) CB2016 in Germany (has papers) Unusual markings and very calm. No viv available. Reluctant sale due to my mum's continued ill-health. £300 PM TO RESERVE WITH A DEPOSIT FOR DONCASTER COLLECTION.
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    For sale A high Red/Orange blotch gargoyle gecko. £100 please. Not 100% on the sex due to age but I'd say male as bulges are appearing. Will make a great addition for anyone looking to produce quality gargs with a strong red/orange influence. Doing all it should. Open to swaps for Dart...
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    CB12 Brosse Leachianus Gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus) Female £475
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    1.1 BREEDING PAIR GIANT LEAF-TAILED GECKOS (Uroplatus fimbriatus) CAPTIVE BRED IN EU, with paperwork. Perfect condition, feeding on adult locusts and Dubia roaches (I can provide a starter colony of the latter). No viv available currently (they are living in a built-in fibreglass vivarium in...
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    Hi, I have a male Trioceros hoehnelii (high casqued chameleon) for a part exchange him for 1.1 CB pair of another Trioceros species. Or failing that I am looking for a CB female T.hoehnelii to pair him up with. I also have a CB15 hatching Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli for sale for £200. PM...
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    Adult male Freidel line Adult male Troeger line These are currently being kept separately after a fight earlier in the year. Im fairly sure they could be paired again in the future, but I have not tried due to lack of time. The female has been laying infertile eggs. Both close to 13inches...
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    Hi I have for sale a breeding pair of rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli for sale female is just under 4 ( purchased from Europe 2years ago) the male is 3 (purchased from a breeder in Yorkshire late last year) Unfortunately the male is missing his tail but luckily didn't stop him breeding :)...
  12. Lizards
    Hello, I am looking for the availability of any Rhacodactylus Sarasinorum. I have a male myself, and I am after a female to breed. However, having another male would also be fantastic. I do not mind on what morph they are (Normal or White Collared). If anyone can say anything on the matter of...
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    Due to unforseen circumstances I have decied to sell my reptile collection. I have 2 unsexed juvenile Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli of mixed locals. Feeding well on Repashy grubs and fruit and grwoning well. One is around a year and a half old and currently weighs 15g ( gecko on branch) the...
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    3 yr old male leachie Grande Terre type A x B. Eats well. Comes with Big bag of Rapashy and 60x45x60 Exo Terra Enclosure with hood, RRP £264.99 Please text or call on 07427122658 £300 stupidly cheap price!
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    For sale, 1 unrelated breeding pair geckos (proven 2014, sadly i dont have any pictures of the offspring as my old SD card is lost) - Both are very eager feeders of Pangea / Repashy (Pangea seems to be the favorite at the moment) and will also sometimes take crickets. Unfortunately I don't know...
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    unsexed Nuu Ana leachianus for sale. parents were purchased from canada these babys are 100% pure Nuu ana hatched out 11/7/14 gecko will not be for sale until 11/8/14 £50 non refundable deposit will secure this gecko. picture will be posted in the next few days. reptile courier can be...
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    Available for Hamm show March 8th, 2014: We are offering a beautiful female red striped auriculatus. We weighed her last week and she's 55 grams. Never had any problems eating/shedding/other. Asking €175 (roughly 140GBP)
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    Mniarogekko chahoua Tona-8 Unsexed Mainland Eu. 125,- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhacodactylus auriculatus Mame-1 Red striped x Red striped Unsexed Eu. 90,- Mame-2 Red striped x Red striped Unsexed Eu. 80,- Mame-3 Red striped x Red...
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    I have a selection of reptile books for sale - they are all in very good condition unless otherwise indicated, and the prices listed here include postage :2thumb: I will combine postage if you buy more than one book! The Eyelash Geckos: Care, Breeding and Natural History - Hermann Seufer...
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    Not a friendly girl. Female island E henkeli. No other info known. 6 years not been bred from. £375.00 ovno - no swaps Buyer collects
1-20 of 254 Results