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    Will anyone be expecting to have these for sale captive bred this year at all?
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    Hi, Just posting this to see if anyone anywhere is selling Pygmy chameleons, any type, if you know of any, can you tell me which species and if they're sexed and how much, and where's selling. Thanks! Rhys
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    PYGMY CHAMELEONS RHAMPHOLOEN SPECTRUM a fantastic little chameleon easy to keep good size not often seen in the uk some trios still left babys hatching each day however i have got no better at putting photos on the forum as it is to cold to send i will offer discounts to help so you can pick...
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    Hi i am still unable to get my photos on to the forum but i have put more on the website for you to look at - Home and photos of my set up i will be taking babys and quads to the CREAK show at the weekend i can do trio's all sizes at £25.00 each Russ
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    I HAVE A NUMBER OF RHAMPHOLEON SPECTRUM FOR SALE I HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO UP LODE A PHOTO HOWEVER IF YOU GO TO WEB SITE (http//; you will be able to see photos of my chameleons trade customers would need to ring for price.
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    Just a short tour of my setup, 'scuse the Manc accent. YouTube - My Bearded Pygmy Chameleons.
1-6 of 6 Results