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rhino beetle
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    Where can I buy them and whats the best time of the year to get them. I just find them as grubs but like to buy an adult. Also what gear would I need for them? I would like a glass tank for them. kind regards
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    A. dichotoma L3 Sexed pair £30 per pair. Larvae are delivered in a small quantity of substrate, I also sell larvae kits which contain everything you would need to care for your larvae untill it pupates into a adult, Larvae are very easy to care for and these larvae will pupate within a couple...
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    Hi Everyone, I am happy to announce I have some fresh Allomyrina dichotoma Adult Pairs available (Fresh pairs will live for 4-6 months on average) these beetles are very easy to care for and to breed as no heating equipment is required, If anyone would like a free indepth caresheet on the...
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    I have a L2 larva for sale. Looking for £10. Any interest pm me. Cheers.
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    Hi, If you anyone was looking for some Rhinoceros beetles/larvae I always have plenty in stock. I am always trying my best to offer the best possible deals to my customers so that more people can enjoy keeping these wonderfull creatures. I believe i am currently the cheapest in the UK and I...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    Does anyone know where i can buy a rhino beetle from? preferable a Megasoma acteon thanks!
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    NEW OFFER Megasoma acteon L1- L2 larvae x1 £11.99 each x4 £10.99 each x8 £9.99 each for more information or a free caresheet contact me at [email protected] Thanks, Peter RhinoBeetle UK Home [email protected]
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    Current Offers Hi everyone, here is a quick update 18/09/2012 RhinoBeetle UK Home l2 Xylotrupes florensis £7.99 per larva (Only 2 in Stock, More l2s available in 2 weeks) Chalcosoma caucasus L2 Larva 1+ £9.99 Per larva 5+ 8.99 Per larva (10% DISCOUNT) 8+ 8.50 per larva (15% DISCOUNT) GREAT...
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    Hi guys Im now selling l2 Dynastes Hercules hercules 1 for £16.50 2 for £30.99 4 for £59.99 + £6 for P&P via Royal mail next day special delivery. (only 4 available but will be restocking next week, check for availability ) this deal will be available on my website within the next 2 days at...
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    Hi guys here is a more up to date and improved upon price list of the rhino beetle larvae im selling. im currently working on a website with a online shop but i can take payments via paypal please message me if you have any questions. Caucases L2 sale Price: 1 = £13.50, 3= £38.99, Atlas l2...
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    Hi guys anyone intrested in Adult pairs of Caucases beetles for £85? the price is cheaper than the breeders in Japan, Taiwan please message me asap if you want a pair i have 3 pairs left. p.s. when they breed you will get easily over 10 larvae which will be worth £15 each so its not as expensive...
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    Hi guys i am making this thread to post the pics of the fathers of the larvae i am currently selling that i made a post about a couple of days ago. I will sell the larvae for £15 when they reach l2 in about a week. if people here are interested in buying some rhino beetles and i get afew...
  13. Spiders and Inverts
    Hi guys ive recently started breeding my pet rhino beetles i live in Kent and I have a pair of Allomyrina dichotoma and a pair of Xylotrupes florensis i currently have about 30 Xylotrupes florensis eggs and about 10 l1 larvae and only afew Allomyrina dichotoma eggs at the moment but i should...
1-13 of 14 Results