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rhino viv sale
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    For Sale x2 rhino vivs and base unit with 350watt ceramic trough heaters, conected to a pulse day/night stat, also ping pong cool touch lights, and 4ft heat mats...... This is the No1 seller for Rhino Vivsthis can house very large boids, Ideal for all BCI's, Bloods, etc. click on the...
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    4ft x 2ft x 18 ins black rhino vivs for sale with matching stand on castors............... Can be supplied fully equipped ready to go for another £150 which would include... 350watt ceramic trough heater heater gaurd day/night pulse stat 4ft heat mat cool touch light
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    New thread as old one was getting cluttered and new items have now been added. 4ft Rhino Viv setup. Includes a heat mat, Habistat Pulse proportional thermostat, thermo wrap insulation and an Exo Terra Extra Large water bowl. £200. Heating: ExoTerra Wire Light Porcelain Wire Clamp Lamp...
1-3 of 3 Results