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    Cb14 black belly garters (thamnophis melanogaster) £40 each or £70 the pair Cb13 male ribbon snake £30
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    My mate is doing an shipment of garter`s and water snakes from a well know belguim breeder ,if anyone is after some please pm can pay by credit card or paypal through my mates shop. liophis poecilogyrus water snake £90.00 tham radix plains garter £75.00 tham marcianus £45.00 tham...
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    Just testing the water, but does anyone have or know someone that breeds Ribbon snakes?
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    I have had my ribbon snake, Freida, for 3 weeks, she's around 10 months old. She's just shed today, the last 8cm were still on so I gave her a bath. The majority has come off no problem, and she loved her first bath! As I was inspecting her to check all old skin had come off, I noticed that the...
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    Hey all, I am looking for ribbon and garter snake breeders, in NW england / Wales. I am looking to set up a small community tank so looking for 4 female. Not looking for males yet till I can afford a separate set up to avoid accidental breeding!! Thanks for looking :)
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    Just figuring out how to post pics!!
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    2010 Ghost Ribbon Motley Previously a non feeder, fed on its own twice this month though, had 5 unaided feeds overall. Slightly kinked spine, a bit dehydrated, but feeding response now seems good. Needs someone who can give it a good few months of feeding up now its getting its appetite...
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    I mated Anery Motley female to my Ghost Stripe male and my female layed 14 healthy eggs. upon hatching, it became apparent that my female Anery Motley is het Hypo, which was a nice surprise (: pics of the parents: male Ghost Stripe female Anery Motley hey Hypo the eggs: (a bit dry...
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    2 female late 05 ribbon snakes. feeding and shedding well. open to offers
1-9 of 9 Results