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ridley's cave racer
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    2009 male Vietnamese Blue Beauty. 10-feet long. Not friendly, viv defensive, but civil once out, if he doesn't feel cornered. Needs a mature understanding keeper that will give him a suitable large home somewhere quiet. 2012 male Vietnamese Blue Beauty. 6-feet long. Not friendly, viv...
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    CB 14 Hatchling O.t.ridleyi £65, 20% deposit secures Collection or courier at buyers expense from Birmingham reliably feeding on either mouse pinkys or fluff Any questions feel free to ask
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    Well... I think its safe to say I have caught the bug...:whistling2: So here is an update of the legless army. Levi. Looking beautiful in the sun and fresh out of shed. His adult colouration is really starting to come through now! This guy is amazing. So curious and docile, never...
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    Very reluctant sale of these snakes and I'm looking for good knowledgeable homes for them. If I don't find the right buyers, they wont be going anywhere. Delivery options: - Buyer can pick up - M30 Manchester - I will deliver but fuel cost must be covered at 30p per mile (one way) - Courier...
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    Hi, due to change in circumstances looking for good homes for the following Liasis mackloti – Macklot’s Python – Adult male - £50 Elaphe taeniura ridleyi – Ridley’s Cave Racers - 2 subadult males available £60 per snake Acrantophis dumerili - Dumeril's Boa young male - £50 Open to offers on...
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    ridley's cave racer for sale, unsexed about 4foot+ needs experienced home only, £80 sensable offers welcome inbox me for more infomation
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    I was always convinced that I had found my true love with pythons and boas and need not look elsewhere. I regret to report that I have become increasingly unfaithful of late and gradually falling in love with another... Asian Rat snakes have been slowly taking over my viv space for a little...
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    I have a 5ft (2010) male Ridley's cave racer for sale. Fantastic looking specimen (see picture) in prime condition. Collection/delivery Nottingham or St. Albans. £150. Thanks, David.
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    I have an unrelated pair of 2010 Ridley's Cave Racers. These were both produced by European breeders and are feeding without any difficulties. Female is a particularly nice specimen. The female is just under 2ft, male about 1.5ft. £200 for the pair. Collection/delivery around Nottingham, may...
1-10 of 10 Results