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  1. Lizard Classifieds
    12 x Adult / Sub Adult LTC Ringed Wall Geckos (Tarentola annularis) Unusual and not often offered species. Quite large growing, and with a bit of attitude. Perfect opportunity to get a breeding group.
  2. Snake Classifieds
    We have a potential breeding group of bismarks for sale. 1 male, 2 females. CB11 right here in Scotland. All feed well. All in perfect health. Any other questions or details for SERIOUS buyers only please get in touch for more details. £650 the group. Payment via cash, bank transfer or...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Available for £150. Taking defrost mice and weaners. Courier can be arranged at buyer's expense. Thanks Rob
  4. Snakes
    Just landed this clutch of Ringed eggs. Can't wait to see those little black heads emerging in 60 days:no1: Cheers Rob
  5. Snake Classifieds
    Adult female Bismarck Ringed Python (Bothrochilus boa) approx 5 and half feet, Stunning snake, with a bit of attitude (doesn't appreciate handling) Perfect addition to existing male/group or if somebody's willing/able to source a male. Feeds ravenously on large rats, pics don't do her justice...
  6. Snake Classifieds
    Selling on behalf of a friend who doesn't have an account on RFUK. 1:2 Bismark Pythons, approx 6ft long so adult size, pics and more info available to serious enquiries only, please email me - [email protected] Chris
  7. Snake Classifieds
    I bought this girl last October with plans of getting a male to pair with her. Unfortunately I've not been able to find an appropriate suitor and I've now decided to let her go to a good home. These are not for beginners due to their temperament and their husbandry being slightly more...
1-7 of 7 Results