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  1. R.I.P
    You went to play over the rainbow bridge today candy, you had fought so hard to stay with us ,then you quietly slipped away, you were 15 years and 5 months old, thank you for call the years we shared candy, now go and play with Rosie and Ben and we will meet again one day, we will love and miss...
  2. R.I.P
    Our little baby girl Olwen passed away on the 3rd of June. She fell ill over the weekend before, she was having problems passing some undigested food the vet thought it was, he give us laxatives and water that we gave to her per his instructions but sadly she didn't make it :( My partner...
  3. Lizards
    Last night my little girl Kia started making weird regurgitating noises (Around 4am), she seemed to be fine. I turned her viv on this morning, and their she was happily awake waiting to be fed. I went down stairs to get my breakfast and came back up stairs to find her extremely limp with no...
  4. R.I.P
    hello sadly Spiro my giant congo millipede died 5/10/12. i am very upset although i really new she didnt have long left to be honest. but for the time i had her '2 months' :sad: she was a wonderful and most interesting little creature, even though i found out i was allergic to her i still...
  5. R.I.P
    Rest in peace little guy, You had everything you needed, food, water, light, heat, but you just went without warning. You were a great pet and I don't think I will be able to replace you. You're little egg just hatched out and sorry you won't see the baby gecko get as big as you were. Hope...
  6. R.I.P
    Awoke new years day to my CB11 female royal dead in her house, upon further investigation it turns out she died from IBD. I can't believe it, she was so young. I bought her myself for my 19th back in July and was my only present, she, like all of my reps are special to me and she'll be sorely...
  7. Lizard Pictures
    Grumpy & Cammy Introducing Mr Grumpy.. Introducing Cammy Introducing Leona ..R.I.P Baby Their Home
  8. R.I.P
    R.I.P. Yojojo Had to get put to sleep as the poor wee guy took a stroke. Lovely Wee Guy. Was our first pair of chameleons and we lost our male was only 15 months old. Love You Lots :( xxxx :cry:
  9. R.I.P
    My cat died some days ago.She had a long life.She was 16 or 15 years old.She died of illness. :cry: loved by everyone we are not getting a kitten
  10. R.I.P
    Literally just got back from the vet after putting my nans cat down, she was 15 years old and her back legs went earlier today, she was in so much pain but thanks to my auntie and cousin coming round we finally got round the the vets quickly. We sat in the room with the cat to say our...
  11. R.I.P
    died 18/04/11 R.I.P :cry:
  12. Amphibians
    My little ACF i brought a few days back had passed away. I had high hopes for him despite being VERY skinny, but yesterday and today he refused all food and sadly has gone to the big frog tank in the sky... I think my little sister has a curse whenever shes stays with my mum something dies...
  13. R.I.P
    bearded dragon , he passed away yesterday :(
  14. R.I.P
    After 8 months of not eating, 11 trips to the vet, scans biopsies and blood tests the vet suggested it would be more humane to put her to sleep. She had lost so much weight and became so lethargic that she was merley exisiting. It has been so sad to see something so beautiful decline. We are...
  15. R.I.P
    Even after 15yrs i still feel sad about losing Blaize she was my baby and 1 in a million
  16. R.I.P
    Just a few words about my Common Boa fluffy who recently passed away. She was a bad temperd and greedy girl but looked stunning and was very active til the end.
  17. R.I.P
    my moorish gecko passed away, loved the little guy too, ill always remember just after buying, getting home and the gecko running around on my hands jumping from one to the other
  18. R.I.P
    My absoulute amazing MM Grammostola SP "NORTH" romeo, was an awesome spider to have and was a plesure to home the little guy, calm, docile, just a brilliant spider to have.... he got his wiked way with 2 females, unfortinatly they both molted so no sack =[ so his legacy wont go on =[ R.I.P...
  19. R.I.P
    R.I.P Freya my beautiful baby royal python, just when we thought she was doing so well in her recovery. Freya was a victim of snake mites, and because of this she refused to eat anything, i feel i was lied to as to the time she had last eaten as pythons can survive a long time without food...
1-19 of 21 Results