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  1. Classified Chat
    What to do? And or speak to on this forum when you believe you have been scammed. I recently bought a item via bank transfer for £270 off some one last Sunday, they then went quiet, after send p'ms they said it was posted Tuesday 1st class recorded, it's now Saturday and still no item and they...
  2. Snakes
    ok so we brought some ghost corn snake hatchlings a few weeks bk, and now the person we brought them from has suddenly started selling anery hatchlings, we were led to believe he did not have any hatchlings and we are now worried we have been ripped off :( here are some pics
  3. Snakes
    Well, all of the inklings various people had were right. Despite my initial defence of Chris on this forum (I didn't know him, and did not see any reason why he should not be given the benefit of the doubt.) We placed an order with Chris for two racks just under 60 days ago. (myself and my...
1-3 of 5 Results