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    Two female Degu's, dont know age, both fit and healthy, active and like to take treats from your hand. Come with large cage suitable for them. Two female Robo hamsters, very fast, healthy girls. Can come with their tank but its only a temporary setup for them and they would benifit from...
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    After over a year of not having anything small and furry in the house i have tonight taken in two female degu's and two female Robo Hamsters. They where dumped at my mates dog grooming parlour and i was the only one she knew who could take them in and had experience with rodents. They seem good...
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    Hello, Not usually in this section, but I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice..................I've been given an unwanted Roborovski hamster that I was told must be kept alone (apparently his cage mate died). Now, from reading up this hammie is social and should be kept in at least...
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    Anyone who has kept these: How the flip do you handle them without multiple suicide attempts on their part?!!
1-4 of 4 Results