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    Both parents are rodatzi no other fulica type in breeding £1 each Buyer can collect or I can post with heat pack Royal Mail special delivery for £8.50 sorry the price is high its to cover 24 hour heat pack too.
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    For sale: Achatina fulica jadatzi form jadatzi, Achatina fulica jadatzi form rodatzi, Pleurodnte Isabella and for free Achatina fulica “normal” and bad shell growth jadatzi. prices are as follows. The size refers to the length of the shell in cm. Jadatzi (yellow shell, dark skinned - like...
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    2 x Achatina Fulica Rodatzi - 6cm - £1.50 each 2 x Archachatina Marginata Marginata - 4cm - £25 each Next Day postage and Packaging - £7.50 A.F.Rodatzi A.M.Marginata PM if interested! : victory:
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    Achatina fulica var. rodatzi hatchlings (2-3cm) These are a var. on hammilei which is a subspecies of fulica. With identical care requirements to other fulica species, these snails are easy to care for. We offer both albino and dark bodied snails with the characteristic rodatzi yellow shells...
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    Hey folks Been thinking of doing it for a while, after the last mass sale, and have decided I will :? So I have the rest of my snails for sale. This is what I have left, would LOVE to sell them as one lot for my own ease, as even though I could probably get more I'd appreciate a quick sale. I...
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    Hi, I am looking to buy or trade for: 1 or 2 white Jade Fulica snails, the younger the better!! (a few weeks old preferably!) I'm happy to pay for them + p&p Or I have available 1 Achatina Fulica Rodatzi (1-2inch shell - about 4/5 months old) and 1 Albino Achatina Reticulata (10cm shell - 10...
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    I have available: 1 Achatina Fulica Rodatzi - 1-2inch shell - about 5 months old! - £5 1 Achatina Reticulata Albino - 10cm shell - about 10 months old - £15 Both very healthy, LOVE cucumber!! I will post Monday - Thursday so they dont get stuck in post! Will be sent Royal Mail 1st Class...
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    I am looking for: 1 Achatina Fulica Var. White Jade (Albino Fulica GALS). 2 Achatina Iredalei GALS, (Golden Land Snail). After white bodied ones! The younger the snails are the better!!! :) Am happy to pay price of snails + P&P! :) Also have available for sale or swap (for the above) 2...
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    Hey folks My circumstances are going to change in the not too distant future and I'm going to have a LOT less free time (like none!) compared to what I have now. So realistically, I need to thin out a bit. So unfortunately I am looking for a new home for a chunk of my snails so I can condense...
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    i have around 20 albino shelled gals, 2 for £5 plus P&p i can do a deal on all 20 if anyones interested ? : victory:
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    i have 11 rodatzi land snails for sale £25 for the lot + p&p £6 RMSD Untitled by redloz1, on Flickr
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    Hey folks I have 5 albino shelled Jadatzi for sale, of varying sizes. The snails in the attached pic are the actual snails for sale. Parents are both full albino, these have dark flesh. You can see a couple of them have dark stripes, these make for lovely grown up shells, with caramel coloured...
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    Hey folks Anyone want 10 grown on Jadatzis? :D They're a good size, most approx 1", some a little smaller, maybe a couple a little bigger. These are from full albino parents, and are looking to have yellow shells. Healthy snails, growing like weeds, £15 including RMSD, or best offer. PayPal...
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    albino/normal achatina fulica babies for sale £3 each they are just over 1 in shell size i have albino skinned and dark skinned :flrt: pics to come....
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    I have about 30 if not more rodatzi G.A.L.S for sale or swap. They are about 1in offers on money or swap for anything invert like or will swap for other snails or slugs
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    Hiya folks Just found another clutch of eggs in my 'yellow shell' GALS tank. I've not long sold a heap of babies from my Rodatzis, so would like to know if anyone would be interested in these before I decide whether to let them all hatch. No clue who the parents are, but definitely some of...
1-16 of 17 Results