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rosy boa

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    Hi! I have a rosy boa (his name is Louie) and we are having trouble with his first shed. I have never owned a snake before but I love him. He got his body shed off (took him a little while but it came off in one piece) and he even ate after. However, he can't get his head to shed. I can see the...
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    My male rosy has refused a meal since November and is starting to get skinny. I believe he is trying to find a mate, as it is spring, he shed 2 weeks ago after a short brumation. I increased his tank on the warm end from 80 to 87 (f) after recommendations and added more hides. The humidity is at...
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    Hi all, In addition to the ad I have open regarding Kukri snakes, I'm also hunting for: All species of Sand Boa apart from Kenyan 😉 Rosy Boas, and and all, Candoia sp., Any and all, Rubber Boas, Childrens Pythons, Cape File Snakes, Etc etc 🤣 Thanks for reading
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    Anyone aware of any Rosy Boa breeders in England? Also the common price £ of rosy boas? Thanks!
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    Hi, long time lurker first time poster. Regrettably selling my Mexican rosy boa due to moving overseas. I had looked into shipping but it is just too cost prohibitive. Name: Bramble Sex: Female Age: 7yrs Length about 85cm weight: 300g well handled, has never refused a meal, can be nippy if...
  6. Breeding
    Hello! I am going to start breeding soon (Balls and rosy boas), and after exploring a few options, have decided to convert my detached garage into a space for it. It was converted into an office years ago, so it is already essentially ready to be set up, but the big problem I am facing, is the...
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    With us now getting ready for a new family arrival we are having to downside our snake collection. Firstly we have a 4 year old male 'Rootbeer' Cornsnake. His mum was a normal corn, dad was a creamsicle (corn x great plains rat). He has a great feeding response and has never refused a...
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    Unrelated pair of adult Mexican rosy boa for sale. They had 4 beautiful baby's last year. Will send pictures on request to serious buyer's. Open to offers but not interested in trades/swaps. £220 ovno.
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    I recently moved my rosy boa from a RUB to a viv. The viv is slightly under 3ft. The hot spot under the plant pot is about 32oC on the surface. The cool end is about 22oC. The light is a uv. She lies there at the front of the viv - well probably not 24/7 but a lot of the time. Any reason to...
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    Some snakes available: CB16 Normal Male - smashing rat pups (105grams) - £30 CB16 Spider Male - some wobble (80 grams) - £20 CB16 Pieds - ready after a few more feeds - £200-£300 Cabo San Lucas Rosy Boas - adult breeding pair. Proven at least the last two years giving an average of 4 live...
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    £40 --- 3-4 year old male Rosy Boa for sale - eating small mice like a trooper, will never say no, easy to handle, perfect snake - collection from Hyde, Manchester.
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    We have a proven pair of Limburg line Albino Rosy Boas for sale. Both eating D/F Mice. Had four babies last year from them. Photos on request. £475 the pair sorry no swaps. We are near Southampton Hants
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    Both in excellent health one male one female £150 the pair
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    Both in perfect health eating defrost .proven pair . Cant upload picts so can email upon request £160 pair
  15. Snake Pictures
    The night before her first shed with me. wondering why she hasn't had her mouse yet this week. excuse the messy desk Now she is all soft and shiny again and now its tube time after finally after getting her mouse sorry, new snake owner so the little things are still cute and exciting
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    For sale Rosy Boa plus viv Rosy Boa sex unknown assumed male. Viv comes with a heat mat some decor and a bowl Viv is 3ft wide collection only Luton, Beds
  17. Newbie Advice
    Hello! Almost 2 months ago I came into possession of a 5yr Mexican Rosy Boa. My first snake and she is awesome. She came with a 24" vivexotic wooden vivarium, heat mat and thermostat. Since then I have read a million care sheets and been fussing with the viv trying to get the heating just right...
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    Pair of proven Limburg line Albino Rosy Boas plus their four Limburg Line albino babies that were born 17th October 2015 and all believed to be female. Plus one female coastal Rosy Boa, proven, she had 3 het for albino and 2 albino babies in 2014 Plus one adult male San Felipe. All good...
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    We Have four Lovely Limburg Line Albino Rosy Boas that are a month old for sale at £150 each. All are feeding well on D/F fuzzies. The parents are unrelated ONLY FOR SALE NO SWAPS
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    Hi all, Selling the following: Dwarf Retic -Male- £150 Argentian Rainbow Boa -Male - £80 Albino Gopher snake - Male - £40 Madagascan Cat Eye snake -Unsexed -£80 Rosy boa - Male - £40 I have no breeding info, nor do i know the sex for certain on any of these so please don't ask. They do not...