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rough green snakes
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    Rough Green Snakes captive bred this year by myself and in beautiful condition.These snakes eat insects so are easy to care for they are out on display and hunting during the day. Rarely seen captive bred.
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    Basically want the title says, interested in buying either a Vine Snake or Rough Green Snakes. LOCATION: Pencoed - Can travel but would help if it isnt too far. (Money Waiting) Thanks
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    Prefer male/female pair and ideally CB or long term captive if WC. Cash waiting.
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    Adult Rough Green Snakes Unsexed (x2 Avaliable) £40 Each
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    Anyone got any rough/smooth green snakes for sale? Only 1's I've seen are £35 w/c mail order. I live in Plymouth but I have family up midlands if thats any good.:lol2:
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    Hello, I am after preferably CB rough green snakes. I would like a pair, however will consider any other combinations, as i've just lost my two males over the last few months and my female is now mooching looking for company. I am prepared to travel within East Anglia or meet anyone at the...
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    How much do rough green snakes go for? shop prices and breeders?
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    As per title, anybody got any for sale? I frequent the M25, Luton, gatwick, heathrow etc. Jody
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    ANyone got some for sale? I would like at least a pair - ideally 4.
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    James my oh was lucky enough to pick up a breeding group of RGS at PRAS to add to his single girl. I saw them yesterday for the first time in their setup so grabbed some pics.
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    hi i have got 2 whites tree frogs and i am making a mixed viv set up with a massive exo terra , i have put a filter in coverd over with stones and have got 3/4 of it with water and have made a really good job of it it looks brill. i also have 2 port hole catfish in the bottom wich are fully...
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    hi , im after some green rough snakes , im in the shropshire area , and i am after a couple , babys would be nice , also any unwanted frogs ect for a new viv . please get in touch or send me a tx on 07595309091 thank you for looking : victory:
1-12 of 12 Results