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royal ball python
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    2014 male pinstripe, weekly feeder on F/T rat weiners. Haven't weighed him for a while, around 3 half foot may be 600g or more. £50 2015 female pastel champagne, stunning snake. Bright yellow, nice white sides and dirty pattern on top. Weekly feeder on F/T large say fluffs, could possibly move...
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    Hi I have for sale a female albino royal Python, she is CB Aug 13. As with all snake pics she looks much bigger in the pics than she actually is, pics are of actual snake though. She is 965 grms empty Beautiful and Very bright in visual colour, handled daily and does everything she should. Eats...
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    1) female spider 1664g eats everything locked few times with my mojave 2) female normal 994g smashing any thing 3) female normal 300g chick drop feeder
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    Male sterling pastel ( super pastel cinnamon) great feeder on defrost large weaner rats. and breeder has locked several times this season. Located in totnes devon will upload a photo when i get to a computer or message me and i will send one thanks
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    Update available 3/12/14 COURIER AT COST SCOTLAND / NORTH WALES / LANDS END £99 UK £50 OVER £1000 FREE COURIER HAMM SHOW FREE EITHER CASH ON COLLECTION OR BANK TRANSFER Deals on multiples 1.0 het daddy £200 1.0 blackbee (proven) £300 1.0 lemon pastel het pied £200 1.0 genetic stripe (proven)...
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    Decided to keep a few royals,so have altered what's for sale please see below. All prices are guide prices,open to reasonable offers,worst I can do is say no !! Deals can be done on multiples !! MALES PROVEN BUMBLEBEE 985g £200 on hold ATM. PROVEN YELLOWBELLY 1485g £70 proven. FEMALES...
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    Here I have my last remaining four royal pythons and the rack they lived in for sale! Very reluctant sale, but work has picked up and I don't have the time they deserve. All snakes eat, shed poo etc as they should! CB08 Normal female (Proven Breeder) £200 2053g CB09 Pastel Female...
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    I am moving at the end of September and must sell all of my Snakes: I have these that hatched from a Lesser to a Lesser Pairing in Oct last year: Male Lesser £120 Female Lesser £150 Female Lesser £150 Blue Eyed Lucy £550 I also have some adult snakes between 2 and 3 years old...
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    New Female Pastel 100% het albino from CPR as you can see great feeder :2thumb:
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    Here are the pictures for those who requested them. The rest of the snakes up for sale are in my gallery. List of Snakes Male Medium Pied - 670g - £600 Female Enchi Champagne - 870g - £2100
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    hi there due to cutting down on my royal pythons i have a few for sale , will do deals on multiples 1, Female albino 221g £400 2, Female het albino ( no certificate ) 367g £70 3, Female het pied from Bob Clark ( no certificate ) 324g £100 4, Male mojave 402g £150 5, Male pastel 529g £75 All my...
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    Male Royal Ball Python Eats Poos sheds fine. Tame - Collection Only - Maidstone £75.00
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    Hi i have a CB13 Royal ball python from monkfield he has fed 4 times there but hasnt fed in 5 weeks. I have tried mice and rats various sizes but what i find strange is that if the rat touches him he flips about rubbing his head in his viv or bedding. He is on a thermostat controlled heat matt...
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    Hey everyone in romney, 19 from the northwest. I'm buying my first house at the moment and the first thing I want is a snake! I had a Cali king when I was about 11 that sadly died, although after all I've read just recently about keeping snakes I'm not surprised the poor thing. :( I've bought...
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    late 2011 male lemonblast he has locked with some of my females on multiple occasions but no babies from him this year yet!!!!! so haven't stated he is a proven breeder. he does everything as he should and eats very well on rats hatchling are going for more than him so a chance to grab a bargain.
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    2012 enchi pastel female she does everything as she should and eats like a pig on jumbo mice but will still take rats. her weight is 485grams fresh off a shed and poop the pic of her is the original from crystal palace reptiles where i bought her if you want anymore i can take them on my phone...
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    Selling as no longer needed in my plans 2011 Proven breeder male phantom - this boy is a stud, 1100+g, £800.00 2011 male lemon blast - been locking with two females this season, both showing signs of being gravid, 750g, £400.00 2011 Superpastel female - lovely snake, great blushing 1000+g...
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    Picked this wee guy up last night
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    Female 600gram pastel royal nice and bright on rat weaners £300 or may trade for royal morph of similar value.
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    I have 5 yellow belly and 1 normal ball pythons for sale hatched on dec 2 2012 all have had at least 3 sheds and all eating defrost rat pups or small mice. males £80 females £175 normal female £40
1-20 of 76 Results