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royal ball python
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    Hiim looking for a female normal het albino royal for my male. If anyone can help me please pm me thanks :)
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    Selling my pair of royals due to starting a new job and I don't feel I can give these two beauties the time they deserve. Male is early 09 just over 1000g gorgeous lad, excellent temperament. Eats/sheds/poos fine. Female, unsure of age almost 700g. Lovely White belly and tail markings, poss...
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    MALE NAMES ONLY... looking for something unusual with good meaning behind fresh out of names i like....
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    looking for a female royal (hatchling or young adult) to use for breeding with my 2 males (1 normal (aged 5) 1 hetpeid(aged 1)) would like to experiment with morphs but dont want to pay stupid money.... i dont beleive a snake should cost the earth just for its colour and when i sell my...
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    royal python for sale including viv hes 09 eats well sheds beautifully have shed to prove viv fully equipt its a nice 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 beautiful animal and setup £150 any questions just ask
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    Hey Everybody, This is Garrett, the sales manager from Prehistoric Pets in California. It looks like we are finally going to be able to attend the Hamm show in Germany next month! I've had dozens of requests for snakes to be delivered there, and was just wondering what y'all over there across...
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    young female royal very pretty,possibly het pied has the tram lines!if she is then you are getting a bargain!she is just over 2 feet long,strike feeds every time,very placid beautiful snake
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    i have for sale 3 males and 3 females i did not want to sell them but i have to. not happy about it but it has to be done i am not gonna take silly offers on them and no swaps. but i would take payment plans pm me for more info. right then, 3 normal girls larger one £60 other two £50 each...
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    i am unfortunatly having to sell my male royal, as i am expecting and will not be able to give him the time he deserves! he is a wonderful snake and it has been my pleasure to own him, he is extremely friendly and loves baths n cuddles, he weighs almost 2kg, sheds in one piece with the last one...
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    Beautiful snake, sheds and eats regularly, very friendly. Weight around 1140gms. Please message me if interested, will deliver if local. Looking to sell asap but only to sensible offer. Thanks for looking. :2thumb:
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    Although it pains me to do this i am unfortunately having to sell my lovely granite pastel due to change of circumstances at home I will take 250 for him as i want a quick sale He is is an 09 male and weighs approx 300g It is the best eater in my collection and takes defrost instantly He has...
  12. Newbie Advice
    Hi guys, Looking for some advice in how to handle a bit of a shy Royal. I had been looking at keeping a snake for a good while now and having kept beardies before I thought a Snake would be the next best place to go. I done alot of reading about what type to get and I ended up buying a...
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    This is a royal I rescued last year. It is believed to be male although I never got it sexed as I had no plans on breeding and roughly 3 years old. He was a sorry sight when I first got him, But is now over 1000grams, feeding every 2 weeks on defrost small rats, could possably go up a size now...
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    whilst cleaning out my snakes rub, i came across alot of hair! i have come to a few conclusions, please tell me in ur own opinion which is most likely...... he's either being playing with his gerbil whilst eating (most likely) the cats been in there with him (not likely) or he's hacking up...
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    hi guys how much should i expect to pay for a female bumble bee royal (adult) they are absoloutly beautifull snakes and would really love to have one
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    I have one female 08 Pastel available. She is quite unusual, and had a 'stonewashed' look about her. So far she will ONLY take df Multis, but has eagerly taken live in the past. Defianately needs to go to someone who has easy access to either. Looking for offers around £450 I'm based in SE...
61-76 of 76 Results