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royal eggs
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  1. Breeding
    Hi all I have been incubating my first clutch of royal eggs for over 55 days now and I have had 3 of my 5 eggs hatch :2thumb: but there is no sign of the other 2 hatching . Should I just leave them alone or is there anything I can do ? Any help would be much appreciated. Harry
  2. Breeding
    Hi all my royal eggs have hatched should I just leave them to make their own way out completely
  3. Snakes
    Look what I found today!!! 9 of em!
  4. Snakes
    yes a down to the odd gods
  5. Snakes
    Hi guys My royal laid her first cluch of eggs ( 6 ) on Monday first time royal breeding by the way :2thumb: been incubating @ 89-89.7f and 88% humidity now I just checked them and noticed this at the end of one of the eggs I thought It was a shadow of some Sort but it wasn't. And this (...
  6. Breeding
    Hi guys Got up this morning, which is day 28 from pre lay shed to these beauties :2thumb: Just thought i would share a picture with you all. 5 Eggs weighing in at 607g. Parents are Normal female x Spider Male. The female has very high white sides so hoping for some nice Spiders. Just the...
  7. Snakes
    Well day 54 cooked eggs at 31 to save any temp spikes wot day should I cut or wait till 1 pipes then cut many thanks j
  8. Snakes
    On day 5 all candled vains in all but the top left is goin clear and a slight yellow patch on bottom right doesn't look like mold wot do you guys think many thanks j
  9. Snakes
    Hi all I have just found my large female has laid four eggs today, although all wrapped up in her hide on the heat mat I thought it prudent to artificially incubate. They are now in an up to temp incubator, I am using the SIM method to incubate,, with two units imported from the USA. Now, one of...
  10. Snakes
    Hi All iv got my 1st clutch of gags they have been in the incubator now for 55 days an in the last all have dimpled quite a bit should I just leave them till 60 day or when should I think about cutting thank j
  11. Breeding
    My royal popped out 12 eggs today, well done her! I expected about 6 but she just kept firing them out. Good job
  12. Snakes
    I'm made up have just looked in on my royal an iv got eggs :2thumb: .
  13. Breeding
    Basicly as the title says ..... What substrate do you reccomend for incubating royal eggs & why ?? have seen various suggestions on posts and vids with the popular ones being pertlite & vermiculite .... just wanted your opinions :2thumb: cheers shaun
  14. Snakes
    After breeding Hognoses, boas, colubrids and many other species of snake i thought it was time i had a go at royals, I paired this girl up with a pinstripe first then a Mojo and these are what popped out.....My first Royal clutch EVER in 30+ years of breeding herps!!!:2thumb::2thumb::2thumb:
  15. Breeding
    i have my poly box incubator set up ready for royal eggs but my questions is more about egg incubation would it not be easier for me to just put the heat matt in the bottom then just fill the poly box a third of the way with damp vermiculite then just pop the eggs in and close the lid??gives you...
  16. Breeding
    hi,when a royal lays her eggs why do they stick to eachother??and must they stay together when incubating or can you seperate them?
  17. Snakes
    Heya i was in my local range shop today and came across this storage box. It comes with a little plastic grill that i thought would be good to hold the eggs on. would this idea work for a egg box to place in an poly box incubator. many thanks:2thumb:
  18. Snakes
    OK so today is day 50, the eggs have practically collapsed, what do I do? This is the first time I have had royal eggs so I'm in a little palarver... Do I cut them or do I wait another 10 days... The temps are at 28'c. There is some movement in the egg and the veins all look ok... The...
  19. Snakes
    My normal laid 5 lovely eggs this morning, she was locked with a pied and a mojave so they will be a surprise! soooooo excited!
  20. Snakes
    great news came home from work found 2 females had laid.1clutch had 11 eggs the other had 7.i am very happy
1-20 of 26 Results