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royal feeding
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    Ive seen a lot of people feeding young royals and ive noticed they have 5-10 times larger mices/rats than i do What size would be optimal for my royal? here he is
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    i have this 1000g male pastel royal that i have had since june, he's big enough to take mediums which are approximately his girth however i don't want him to get too big, however i feel if i feed him large weavers i feel he will be hungry he's not a great feeder but feeds most weeks, any...
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    Ok so I have a rougly 5 year old royal male who has taken it upon himself to stop feeding. I've tried almost everything and would like to hear any ideas from people with a fresh perspective. Heres his background: - bought young and he came with RI and mites, didn't feed during this time. Once...
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    On Friday just gone, I bought a lovely royal from a decent bloke from this forum and he's provided me with a lot of valuable information. So I got the snake home and bought him some aspen, two hides and a water bowl. He's got the one hide over his heatmat and the other down the cooler end. I'm...
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    I tried to feed my 18 month old male royal python today, he fed last wednesday ( his first feed since getting him) and planned on every 7 days but because family round and they wanted to see him feed I thought I would try today, he knew it was there and looked like he was gonna strike at first...
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    Hi,wondering if anyone had any advice?We have an approx 12 week old Royal and she strike feeds.Unfortunately she often misses and then gives up!Has anyone got any tips for helping her as worried she`s not eating regularly and can we offer her daily until she feeds or wait between tries? Any help...
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    Right not gonna bore you with the story so I'll just tell u what she doing an let the pics do some talkin Snake : royal :lol2: late 2011 Current weight :170g arrived at ours a month ago (still early days yet) Problem : Striking at food after tracking it down but just hit and release ....3...
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    Some feeding photos of mony
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    Took some pics of my diddy Royal Marnie enjoying her meal tonight :2thumb: She loves her food this one, eaten every 10 days since ive had her except when in shed :2thumb: :flrt::flrt::flrt:
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    Some photos taken from my male royal feeding feeding time.
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    got my first royal today, and the previous owner said it was due a feed today, so left it for me to do. iv brought it home, and put a rat in a zip-loc bag in near boiling water to defrost and heat up, when i offer her it, she fliscks at it, and coils to strike, but then looks RIGHT at me, almost...
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    So what do royals feed on in the wild? Are these species available here in the uk? With so many royals being difficult to feed at some point in their lives. Why dont more keepers offer a more natural food? Is it just because its not readily available? I would imagine using natural prey items...
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    Hi all, I recently bought a CB11 Female Royal Python from a pet shop. The feeding record goes back to May and she has been assist fed the entire time. My question is how will I get her to eat by herself? Thanks in advance =)
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    I'm feeding my (approx) 7 month old royal on fluffs at the moment but wondered if this was too small for him as i had seen other people writing about feeding them small mice and bigger. I bought some small mice aswell to try and they seem too big for him... i know it shouldn't be bigger than...
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    So tomorrow i'm going to be feeding my royal for the first time since getting it from the pet shop (hopefully). Is there any advice? Would feeding it with some tweezers be ok to see if it will strike feed?? or is it best to just leave the mouse in his faun so he can get it at his own leisure...
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    Had the clutch pop 2 weeks ago and all babys were fine......they have all shed 5 days ago and looking good...BUT i have 2 babys that aint feeding.. ive tried all my usal tricks that i use on my other fussy adaults ...... any1 got and tricks or secrets on getting a baby royal to take its 1st...
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    ive got a royal that just wont take rats wont touch them no matter what, so i give her 3 large mice but i was thinking maybe it would be best to do 2 then 2 days later another one ?
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    well ive not been on hear in a while around 2 months i think my royals where really getting my down . my male stoped feeding and my new female ( got her day after boxing day ) never fed but last week they both took food and today they both ate again :) well chuffed . will have to post some...
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    Ive got a 2 year old male Royal Python, hes feeding fine on Medium Rats, can I ask how often should I feed him?, as I do not want to over feed. Many thanks
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    hey all, i have a gorgeous reduced pattern female and her feeding history is.. well like a royals but worse. she is an 08 and only 900g. in the last 13 months she has eaten twice. she is in an 18ltr RUB in a rack, temp is 32c warm end and the cool end is 25 or so. she has a small hide so she...
1-20 of 36 Results