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royal morph
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    pairing killer bee to Pastel. I got 2 super pastels 2 bumble bees 1 killer bee and this one..
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    I have two Female Banana Ball Pythons for sale. Approx 9 months old 300-350g. Both feeding on defrost rat pups. £500 each or would take £800 for the pair. Pick up is from Stoke on Trent or courier at buyers expense.
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    Iv decided to sell this guy , he is infact a blackhead 100% het ghost and carries the Red Gene . Guessing around 800-900grams ( lost my scales ) He is ready to breed at this weight , feeding on defrost mice at the moment . Really dark in the flesh and so much work to be done with this gene still...
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    Selling royals and rack as I don't have time for them 0.1 fire, lemon pastel, spider 2015 hatchling £170 0.1 fire, black pastel 2015 hatchling £150 0.1 genetic stripe 2015 hatchling £140 0.1 champagne 100% het lavender albino 2015 hatchling £210 I also have a dtp or as there now known jcp...
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    Up for sale I have this proven breeder female , she is sitting at 2.5 kg at the moment feeding on defrost rats . She is NERD line lemon pastel and a great example she is also 50% het for orange ghost / hypo but as I have nothing with the hypo lines I have never tested this gene out , asking £165...
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    All these snakes are feeding well on defrost and in perfect health. I'm located in Freckleton, a small village half way between Preston and Blackpool, local delivery possible for 30p per mile cb13 Fire/Spider male, Lovely snake 800g bred by myself £125 CB11 fire male, father to all the...
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    Im selling part of my collection a really nice yellow belly mate, nice colors proven breeder about 800-900g £45 a normal female she may be possibly gravid with the yellow belly 2kg+ £90 a mojave female she laid 6 eggs this season for me about 2kg £190 OPEN TO OFFERS all good eaters but don't...
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    Up for sale is this high contrast albino girl bred by our selves , great feeder on defrost , use to being handled , PM us for more info on this great looking snake :-)
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    Here is a great looking boy up for sale , he almost has a full dorsal stripe with only two tiny breaks in it ! He feeds well on deftost mice , has sired s few clutches for me and is himself a cb11 bred by myself , We are in Rochester , Kent . Asking £120 for a fantastic looking lesser :)
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    Here at Manchester pets and aquatics we have a stunning cb14 Mystic potion royal in stock atm. I have dropped the price of him now to only £545. Pictures can be available upon request For any more information please ring on 0161 273 5447 and ask for Sam. Thanks Manchester pets and aquatics
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    looking to add to my collection spider type and bee type cash waiting
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    I am selling this stunning boy , took him in a trade a while ago as he really caught my eye but being realistic he isn't fitting in with any of my breeding plans so he is up for sale at £125. This guy i think is stunning he is extremely jet black with some great markings on his side , weighing...
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    I have 4 royals as listed below and 3 complete setups vivexcotic with ahs heaters for sale plus a racking unit with mats and heat cable for sale needs to be gone asap as new job is forcing the sale all for an unbelievable price of £550 there is about £2000+ worth of snakes and vivs and...
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    Proven Male Cinni lesser 623 grams great temperament will take large weaner rats but loves multis £200 Male Pastave 371g great temperament fed on def small weaner rats £200 Male Cinnamon 825g lost a bit of weight due to breeding season has an excellent temperament loves chin rubs and loves...
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    Last 2 available - 2 x 2013 Female Bumble Bee Royal Pythons - 252 & 264 grams - £275 each. Stunning examples.
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    2012 Female Champagne Enchi - 742g - £1100 2013 Female Champagne 202g - £720 2013 Female Fire - 164g - £325
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    Various Royal Morphs Availability List 2014 Male Banana 88 grams - £999 2012 Male Albino Spider - 428 grams - £685 2014 Fire Enchi Male - 96 grams - £325 2012 Nuclear Spider Female - 291 grams - £875 2013 Enchi Pinstripe Female - 386 grams - £650 2013 Enchi Pinstripe Male - 234...
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    Stunning High Contrast 2014 Male Banana 98 grams
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    I'll not be breeding this girl this year, so have decided to let her go. She's too big for my scales, but as an estimate, she weighs around 2.4kg. Consistently strike feeding on defrost multis and rats, she's good to go for this season. Available for £550 ono. No trades, thanks. A 10% non...
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    All are well established, strike feeding on defrost. 0.1 Clown £950 0.1 Enchi £235 1.0 Enchi £150 1.0 Woma £125 1.0 Pinstripe £100 0.1 Lesser £200 All hets and possible hets will come with the appropriate documentation. FREE UK mainland delivery on all orders of £500 or more. Cash...
1-20 of 143 Results