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royal python female adult
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    hiya I have 2 adult females for sale LOCO proven normal/dinker female sitting at 1570g she feeds well on DF strike feeder and gave me some unusual hatchlings last year 2 of which im holding back £110 PIE is a het pied but lost paperwork when we moved she has no tram lines either so...
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    Hi I am looking for a few female royal pythons to fit into my breeding plans. Please let me know if anyone has any normals, pastels, spiders or mojaves. They all must be breeding weight or just under. I am flexible on price so let me know how much you are looking for and we can go from there...
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    She was previously presented as an 07 snake by mistake, that was incorrect she's a CB05. Royal Python CB05, adult proven female, she bred beginning last year but not this year. She sheds and eats well, behaves like a lady! I was going to breed her but have decided to move into other species, I...
1-3 of 3 Results