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    So yeah, I know there's tons about this online, and I feel I've tried most things by now. Sorry for the long post. So he's 7 months old who I received over a month ago. He has not eaten once since I got him. Some details about the enclosure: 18l RUB warm side approx. 32 degrees celsius cool...
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    Hi, We have a 4 month old Royal Python. We have set the viv up correctly (we think). We have 2 temperature/humidity probes and are getting 24ºc / 60% at the cool end of the viv, and 31ºc / 40% at the hot end. Is this ok, as shouldn't the humidity be even? Many thanks in advance.
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    Hi everyone, So I just received my first royal on tuesday :2thumb: He was mid shed as he arrived, but oh well. To my surprise he was super relaxed and curious as I moved him from transport box to rub! Was very happy with that since from reading online I would have expected him to be super...
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    Hello, new here :2thumb: Just rehomed a male royal python he is 3ft long and has been fed on rat weaners weekly. He is currently settling in his new home so I have not had a chance to get him out but heres a few pictures when I brought him home. I noticed there appears to be skin folds where...
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    2013 1.0 Fire 100% Het Pied & VPI Axanthic, proven, (bred by Daniel Parker with paperwork) - £250 2020 0.1 Pastel Savannah (Pastel, Mojave, Cinnamon) - £195 1.1 Fire 50% Poss Het Piebald and VPI Axanthic - £50 each 0.1 Lemon Pastel (NERD line) 50% Poss Het Piebald and VPI Axanthic - £50 0.2...
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    Like in the title guys I'm looking for a baby girl for my male royal python Hodor. The lady can be a 100% het for ghost, but i much rather have the visual.
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    Hi, I have for sale a variety of high quality royals, all of which were hatched by myself. Late CB'19 hatchlings: - Butter Pastel Fire Leopard male 195 grams £275 - Pastel Lesser Spotnose 100% het Clown female 355 grams £395 - Pastel Fire Spotnose female 297 grams £175 - Pastel Leopard...
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    Finally pulled my finger out today on my day off work and sorted out my Royals new viv. She will most likely eventually be upgraded to a 5ft for plenty of space, but for now this is a 3x2x2, so it should do her fine. Also testing out my lighting solution, I didn't want a huge long UV bulb in...
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    Hi, I'm looking to sell my adult male royal python. I'm 99% certain he's a male (had him sexed by an experienced snake owner). I've had him since he was born but unfortunately am running out of room in the house. I'll be sad to see him go, but I used to be a regular poster on here so know that...
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    Had my little girl out the other day for a swim and some exercise, she does enjoy the water, so think I will try and sort her a little pool out in her full size viv when she moves up. Hope you like. Look Dad, I'm a croc. :Na_Na_Na_Na: Pretty eyes. Heat pits details.
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    No this isn't a "what morph is it" or "do I have a super rare snake that looks like a normal/classic" But I've had my little lady for over a year now and she is still as yet untitled. I thought it might be fun while most of you are at home bored, to give me some name suggestions. Sensible ones...
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    Hi, I'm looking to save a bit of space in my room but ideally want to avoid a rack as I have a fairly small collection that I'd like to keep in vivariums. The vivs I have are the VivExotic Mediums (86cm x 49cm x 50cm (Length, Depth, Height)) for my 3 males but the hight is totally wasted. Have...
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    My female bee has been sitting in her water bowl the last 48 hours ive checked Temps mites substrates All are 100% fine and this isn't like shes cooling like my other females shes curled up in her bowl
  14. Snakes Came across this video today, I've seen people say their royals fart a lot
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    Afternoon folks. Just been given a viv, which I intend to use for my Royal, initially I was going to buy a 4x2x2 but this is 18"x18", not being as tall as I first planned, I feel my original idea of a ceramic bulb and holder is going to hang a little bit too low. What's the next best solution...
  16. Snakes More than a dozen snakes were found dumped inside a pair of children’s pillowcases around the back of a fire station. Three large royal pythons and 10 smaller ones were abandoned by...
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    selling due to work relocation forcing downsize I have 4 ft vivs also available that can go with snakes for additional cost 1 adult butter corn £40 1 adult anery corn £40 1 sub adult boa salmon pastel x common parents ( he is 5 years old and a really slow grower very tiny but eats fab and is...
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    0.1 Bamboo Pastel for sale £400 Born Jun 16th, great eater and docile nature never had any problems with her, only selling due to change in circumstances. Feeding on large rat weaners. Pickup from Sevenoaks Kent or courier arranged by buyer
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    Last few Royals available 1.1 Albino Proven pair £400 1.1 Adult 100% Het Toffees £150 1.0 Male Spider Mojave ghost Proven £70 1.0 2019 male Albino £75 0.1 2019 Female Stripe 100% Het Ghost 1.0 2019 Ghost 100% Het Stripe sold as a pair £150 Pm for photos
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    Located in Newcastle, looking to sell these two beautiful snakes as I'm going to be away from home for a long time. 0.1 Pied (proven) 1400g - £400 1.0 Banana Pastel Spider (proven) 900g - £120 Message me with any offers/questions :2thumb: