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    Need to thin out the collection so these guys are for sale. Males Clown (proven) £150 Albino Pied (adult) £500 Mandarin Rat snake 2019 £150 Mexican Black Kingsnake 2020 £180 Females Albino 2016 (proven) £250 Pied 2019 (1350g) - £450 Double Het Albino Clown 2020 - £ 60 Mandarin Rat snake...
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    Hi, Does anybody here have experience with hatching crystal AND ghost crystal royals? Think that I need some help.:lol2:
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    Unfortunately I am having to sell the remainder of my royal collection. Ideally I would like to sell the animals and the rack together. Priced individually and as one. Proven female jigsaw (Mojave pinstripe) 2kg+ £150 Proven male lithium (butter cinnamon) 800g £150 (£250 as a pair with the...
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    High White contrast pieds ,bred myself from beautiful USA imported parents. These stunning pieds are 2019 juveniles strike feeding on defrost rats. All will have taken 5 or more feeds and gained a good Wieght. Collection from Stainton north of Middlesbrough or will deliver within 50 miles for...
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    I have the following 2 snakes for sale 0.1 Bamboo Pastel Born Jun 16, great eater and docile nature never had any problems with her. Feeding on large rat weaners 0.1 Clown Blade Born Nov 16, fasted for 4 months last year but now feeding fine on large rat weaners £1,000 the pair I had big...
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    Downsizing collection Beautiful Young Adult Male lavender albino royal for sale, presently around 1.3kg and ready for your girls. Not too many of these around so grab a bargain
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    There's a few royal python morphs I haven't seen in a while, so was wondering if they still pop up on occasion. Also, how much would they likely cost? What I'm thinking of is GHI Champagnes, Sonnet Balls and Sonnet Ball Spiders Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    Sadly due to marriage break up I have an adult pair Lavender Albino Royals 1.0 (Male) Lavender Albino 3.5 yrs old and proven 0.1 (Female) Het Lavender Albino 4yrs old proven, but not by me Looking for 300 for the pair PM for more details
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    Last of royals to go. All sub/Adults Pm for more information. Females Normals x 5 £10 Lesser x2 £40 Het Daddy x2 £50 Males all breeding size or Adult Spector Pastel Het Albino ph Pied £200 Lesser £40 100% Het Candy ex Pete Kahl £150 Het Daddy £40 Lesser Pin £100 interesting Normal £10 All...
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    I have the following Royal Pythons for sale - 0.1 - Female 1.0 - Male CB18 0.2 Classic 66% Het Pied 0.2 Fire 66% Het Pied 0.1 Classic 100% Het Pied 1.0 Fire Vanilla CB17 0.1 Classic 100% Het Pied 1.0 Lesser Adults 0.1 Proven Vanilla(over 2kg) 0.1 Super Enchi Lesser(about 1kg) 1.0 Proven...
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    I am looking for the widest variety and the best quality. Is there such a thing as a price guide for morphs? Any help that anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    I need to sell pretty much everything due to poor health (spine problems and now Menieres Disease. Cant give them the time I used to and haven't done for a few years now. PLEASE DONT MESS ME AROUND / WASTE MY TIME , THIS JUST MAKES ME ILL AND THEN I DONT ADVERTISE FOR MANY MONTHS AGAIN (I...
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    Hi guys am back sold up 9 years ago but back in to keeping royals/ just wanting to see what females people may have for sale. also looking for a old snake breeder the name of Darren he was breeing like 08 09 10 11 12 13 up to 16 then I can seem to find him any were at all from Ormskirk...
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    Hi i have a few royals for sale all doing as they should and feeding well.. key points: 1.0 male 0.1 female. 0.1 spinner superfly 1kg £400 1.0 soulsucker spinner 1kg £300 1.0 pastel specter yellowbelly (pastel super stripe) 780g £350 0.1 mojave 1500g £70 0.1 lucifer yellowbelly 100g £100 0.1...
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    CB13 0.1 HET AXANTHIC VIP - 2KG -£150 CB12 0.1 FIRE - 2.1KG - £200 CB13 0.1 BUTTER PASTEL - 1.5KG - £300 CB12 1.0 EMP PIN - 1.9KG - £600 CB13 1.0 PIED - 2KG -£300 Weekly eaters on deforested weaner rats or rats.
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    Hi, Here is my next list of available adult Royals. I have a number being released(120 in total), due to space and time constraints. All are adult (unproven unless otherwise stated), in perfect health, and eating rats. Doing everything you'd want and expect. Those available in this round...
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    We have decided to cut down our collection and concentrate on certain morphs and other species here is a list of sub and proven adults we are letting go. Can do deals on multiples and pairs Females Super Mojave proven laid 8 eggs last month and back feeding again 2.1kg £300 Albino Spider 1.2kg...
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    Got space in the motor for Houten 03 June 2018 booked ferry and table. For anybody interested in coming along with us itinerary is: Outward from Suffolk 05.00 hrs Saturday 02 June to get to front of queue at Harwich for 07.00 hrs loading. Ferry departure 09.00 hrs arriving at Hoek 17.15 hrs...
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    Forthcoming house move means I have to look to rehome my two royals, 1x female Lemonblast and 1x male cinnamon. Each has there own plastic viv(pro plast 48x15x15), ceramic heater on thermostats and other furniture. Both are approx 2 years old.
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    Snake Pictures
    Here are a few pics of some of my snakes.hop you like them.