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rub rack wanted
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    Hi, Was supposed to be taking delivery of a twelve x 70l rub rack this week but been let down. It's already been postponed a couple of times so would like to get one sorted ASAP. I want a rack fitted with heat cabling and stat including RUB's. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know. I...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    i'm currently looking for a new rack, i've got some good prices from manufacturers but just thought i'd save some cash and see if anybody can offer me something second hand. Must house a minimum of 14 33l RUBs and be no more than 2 wide, i would prefer lidless and it would be a real bonus if...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Really looking for a small snake rack, one that only fits 6 rubs ish.. Its got to go in a pretty tight space though, like no wider that 2'7" and no taller than about 4' I know its akward but I havent got a very big room, I just need to get my RUBS into racks ): But Im a DIY disaster, i just...
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    hi im after a rub rack building and deliverd to my house What i need is a rack to hold 6 9 liltre really usefull boxes i do want dividers in between the tubs but will need 6 inch off the back of the divider i dont want a back on it so can anybody help me. Thanks
  5. Equipment Classifieds
    would like a rack that can hold 2 L60 W42 H20 RUBs. could you pm offers please.:2thumb: im based in chatham, kent can collect if local.
1-5 of 5 Results