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rubber boas
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    Last years babies 1.2 Eating and growing well
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    Male and Female Rubber boas for sale Lovely pair of four and a half year old rubber boas for sale. Very usual and fascinating snakes. Excellent d/f pinkie feeders. Comes with their fully fitted Exo terra glass viv, which is cork lined back and sides, plus two half size Exo terra hoods with...
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    One of four born yesterday
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    Selling up so these pair up , both have eaten but far far from regular eaters.
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    Hi everyone! I have for sale a beautiful, female, rubber boa.She is about 3 yrs old so old enough to breed if that's what your after. I'm looking for £350 for her. I'm in no hurry to get rid of her so will only go to a good home...Please PM for more info:-)
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    Hello, went to a reptile show over the weekend and found a lady who had rubber boas, I was surprised as I searched for them for months and never found anyone who sold them. Anyways, they were as cool as I thought they'd be and I was thinking about getting a pair in the future and start breeding...
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    2.3 available born 09. Not mine advertising for a friend but he will be on my stand @ Kempton Park with the Rubbers on Sunday.
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    Rubber boas CB 09 feeding on defrost . £450 a pair. They were origanally up for £250 a pair that was a type error. Sorry!
1-8 of 8 Results