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    Rumina decollata - 1-2cm shell 99p each. Small sized predatory snail, feeding on mice, cat biscuits, vegetables, plants and fruit. £4 p&p 30 available, deals on multiples.
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    Rumina decollata is a voracious predator, and feeds readily upon common garden snails and slugs and their eggs. The snail eats plant matter as well, but the damage it causes to plants is considered minor when compared with the benefit of its predation on garden snails and other pest species...
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    Hiya, in my quest to gain as many types of snails for pets, I found an American website which sells Decollate Snails (Rumina decollata). These are sold in California and Texas for the purpose of Helix sp control in the garden. For this reason, they must not, ever, be released into the wild in...
1-3 of 3 Results