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russian ratsnake
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    Adult female preferred, but will consider younger animals. Happy to travel for the right snake. Must be 100% female.
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    Only selling as my other Russian rat "female" turned out to be male. Originally bred by AC snakes. 100% tame and handleable, never refuses a feed. Will swap for a female. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    Hi I have a female Russian Ratsnake age about 6 which has a problem with her scales, the scales look thin and crinkley over most of her body, especially after the last couple of sheds but her belly scales look fine. She used to be normal with glossy, smooth (slightly keeled) scales. There was...
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    can an adult russian ratsnake go in a 50l RUB or another size? and can anyone point me to a good caresheet as i am struggling to find one on google
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    Boris the Russian Ratsnake having his dinner - YouTube
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    preferably a little grown on or older as im not sure on how picky hatchlings are, wanted one for ages and just thought id through up a wanted
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    Hi, Im looking for Hatchling/yearling Russian Rat snakes. No adults. May be interested in a few not just one.
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    approx cb08 excellent temperament, excellent feeder 5.5ft plus, not looking for swaps so cash only... sad sale so good home only please
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    nice unrelated pair of russians approx 3 years old good to handle, feeding on jumbo mice/small rats and hamsters, these should breed next year £100 the pair will not split no offers!
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    Does anyone have any images of Russians that I could use on a website??? Many thanks Martin
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    I just put my Russian Ratsnakes pair together a couple of houar ago and checked them just now and found them locked:no1: Hurray I'm gonna have some YouTube - Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes (live in Munich, 1978)
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    I put the female in with him and he got a bit excited :lol2:
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    As above looking for CB 2010/11 , Wanting a pair :2thumb: pm with details cheers Darran:2thumb:
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    I'm missing my snakes in brumation so I checked up on my Russian Rats and they are still quite active despite being around 50degF, here's a clip of the female. Double click to play:
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    Well today is the day that I'm ordering two more ratsnakes. I've decided on a cave dwelling ratsnake but I can't decide for the second. It will either be a russian ratsnake or a chinese beauty ratsnake. I know the care for both but the problem is I prefer the beauty snakes appearance-wise to the...
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    Boris and a video of him
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    Here's a few quick pics of my new Russian Ratsnake, first I bought Boris then bought Ivan who was meant to be a female but now have another one who was probed and confirmed to be female thanks to dave at York reptile night. I'll try and get the temps low enough for brumination over the winter...
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    Иван моя новая российская змея крысы в саду и восхождении на дерево
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    Hi folks, I'm looking for a girlfriend for Boris, hes an 05 male russian ratsnake (elaphe schrenki). Boris is a bit flighty as he hadn't been handled much when i bought him last year so i want either a well tame adult or a young one that I can get tame to be both pet and possibly to breed...
1-19 of 19 Results