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    The very last 2012 Sabogae neonate. A beautiful boy. Amazingly clean with a lovely nature. £375. Can arrange delivery. [email protected]
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    CB12 Male Sabogae, Pearl Island boa. First litter born in UK. Naturally hypomelanistic. Reduced pattern & missing saddles. Perfect for a patternless project. Ready in a few weeks. Payment plans welcome. Offering him at a discounted price of £500. The only other breeder with these is situated...
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    The first litter born in the UK. The rarest species of boa constrictor in the world. These animals are extinct in the wild. Naturally hypomelanistic with females averaging 6 feet and males 5 feet. Semi arboreal and more slender than some of the other species of boas. All the neonates in our...
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    This morning we found our girl had given birth to 7 live babies, 1 still and 5 slugs. She was POS +109. Mum was superb and let us get her out and clean her up with no problems at all. Babies are all quite active. :) Apologies for my dressing gown. It was before 6am :)
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    A picture speaks a thousand words :) Last night, and then this morning :)
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    Here's my pair of Pearl Island Boas, Boa Constrictor Sabogae. I'm biased of course but I think they're stunners :flrt: They've both really lightened up in colour since I got them.
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    Hi, I am selling my pair of pearl island boas, These are adult, bred by Rich Ihle of Salmonboa in 2005. They come with paperwork proving lineage to the true B.c.sabogae. I will be making a loss with this price so please no silly offers, looking for £1750 the pair. Pics will follow to...
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    Now that I have my trio of adults here in the UK I have decided to sell this pair of Pearl Island Boas (Boa Constrictor Sabogae) as I will hopefully be producing my own in the near future. These are pretty much the rarest locality boa constrictor available in the hobby today - there are only a...
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    Boa c. sabogae, cb 2010 from partly unrelated parents. The mother is striped and so is half of the litter. Pure Pearl Islands boa and not boas from Taboga or mainland Panama ! Only a limitid number of around 8 babies are available now. Euro 400 and 600,- normal pattern and striped I will be...
1-9 of 9 Results