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saharan uromastyx
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    Here's a few pictures of my Saharan uromastyx now he(?)'s settled in.
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    I have 4 geyri babies for sale that hatched in september. Eating, pooing and shedding fine. Would consider exchanges for blue tongue skinks.
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    Captive Bred Uromastix Geyri hatchlings available. Hatched early september. Eating, shedding and pooing fine. £150.00 each. Collection from West Yorkshire.
  4. Lizards
    so last year was my first attempt at breeding uromastyx geyri, i got 22 good eggs from my females but messed up the incubation resulting in only two eggs hatching. was hoping for better results this year and on the 29th of march this happened then yesterday this happened betty laid 8...
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    Saharan Uromastyx (Uromastyx geyri) Breeding Pair Breeding Pair of Saharan Uromastyx orange/ red phase. Female is 4 and a half while the male is 3. They are attempting to breed and are showing all the signs but as the male is still slightly smaller it may not happen until he grows more. The...
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    For Sale Two Hatchling Uromastyx Geyri / Saharan Uromastyx Born between 2-3 weeks ago Active, eating and drinking well Lovely colorations and patterns - photo where hatchling is lighter colour was taken later on in the day once it had warmed up - both are similar shades but vary a lot...
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    I have a baby Geyri Uromastyx for sale that is about 5 months old. Unfortunately too young to sex but will get some opinions and update. He eats well, is active and pooping like he should. Only reason I'm letting him to as I have two rescue Egyptians that are my main priority. Can come with...
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    Hi all! I'm looking for a female Mali Uromastyx (U. maliensis) and/or Saharan Uromastyx (U. geryi). I live in Surrey and am willing to travel. I'm looking for anything from hatchling to a year and a half old. Contact me with any information. Thanks :) Jon
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    Reduced to £110 for lizard or £170 for lizard and set up contact me on 07791842007 for photos and further info
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    Male yellow saharan uromastyx for sale with set up for £200 or on his own £130 0no. very nice colourful lizard reluctant sale due to break up, healthy with no problems, his name is rio. im in swansea, contact me on 07791842007 for more info and pics thanks katie
1-10 of 10 Results