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sailfin lizard
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    WEBER'S SAILFIN DRAGONS Hydrosaurus weberi, Sex Unknown about 12 inches long feeding well in good condition. Im based in Kent and is collection only.
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    Hey,I'm new here and english it is not my native language so sorry for the grammar errors. Well,i have a baby hydrosaurus weberi and she doesn't eat the worms and crickets with the calcium dusted...Only without. so im asking if is that a problem and i hope it is not bad for her healthy. thanks...
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    Hello, I have for sale a Juv hydrosaurus amboinensis - Amboina Sailfin Lizard it is getting nicely settled in behind paper in our shop and has started eating :) will be ready to leave in the next few weeks once im happy it is ready Let me know if your interested Price is £275 no offers or...
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    just got my 2nd philippine sailfin dragon (hydrosaurus pustulatus) after months of looking. does any one know of a male for sale so i can start my new breeding project. here are a few pics
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    Just watched a video about health checking a lizard in my vet nursing lesson at college, and it was using a Sailfin Lizard. I've never seen one of these in captivity before, and have done some reading up on their caresheets etc, and was just wondering if anyone on here keeps them and can impart...
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    LTC bred Sailfin Lizard. Believed to be a Hydrosaurus amboinensis. Was a rescue and we think is around 4 and a half years old. It is about 30in long and is very slender bodied and has been wormed Mainly eats salad every day but does like locusts and crickets as a treat but seems to get bored...
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    seeking male H pustulatus and male H weberi - adult / sub-adult / juvenile
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    For sale- a female philipene sailfin lizard. WC/CF 3-4 years old. Aprox 29" long with tailnip. Reason for sale: females are territorial so she can no longer share with our other female and is currently in a smaller vivarium. Sailfin lizards are semi arboreal and need a pool of water (or large...
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    Here are a couple of pics of my two sailfin dragons, I've had these around 7-8 months now and they are definitely my favourite lizard and I wish I was a bit better at photography but here they are: And being modelled by my husband so you can get a size estimate - they're about 12 months...
1-9 of 9 Results